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【β版】東方翠神廻廊【RPG】 apk game v0.81 for android

0.81 for Android
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【β版】東方翠神廻廊【RPG】 screenshot image
【β版】東方翠神廻廊【RPG】 screenshot image
【β版】東方翠神廻廊【RPG】 screenshot image
【β版】東方翠神廻廊【RPG】 screenshot image
【β版】東方翠神廻廊【RPG】 screenshot image

The description of 【β版】東方翠神廻廊【RPG】

Now that we're still a test version, your story is not completed and achievements and leaderboards are not implemented.
We can’t do a review, but we hope to include something useful in our opinion.
So if you have any suggestions, bugs or bug reports, please visit our T.D twitter:

◆ Story ◆
On a rainy day, Gen fantastic town is covered in a coral-colored corridor.
It was a fantastic maze created by overgrown trees, grass flowers, or random terrain.

There were girls who challenged the corridor to restore paradise.
This was a good opportunity for some of the Yokai to attack people in the corridor.

A God brought back the heroes who once saved the Fantasy House from his journey of training.
And the rain stopped and you came back to the illusion.

◆Game Description◆
■ Characters
Almost all of the eastern characters from the old to the Rainbow Dragon Cave will be friends.
In addition to male characters such as Unleashed Unleashed, who didn't become friends in the Genuine Saga, but also you-the hero-can be part of the party as one of the characters.
There are ways to meet friends in the story, become friends after fighting in the corridor.

■ Haunted Flower
Some fantasy girls can become "ghost flowers" if they meet certain conditions.
They do have a great rise in stats, add skills, and don't say anything, are full of prosperity. Become a giant or explosive big and become a boinboin.

■ Story
A story is where you are forced to choose from multiple scenes, and that will change the situation afterwards or the likes of your friends.
And the consequences of your choice will change depending on your choices.
What will you choose: the world of Illusion and one woman?

However, the story has a connection to the previous versions of the "eastern magic line smash" or the "eastern genre saga".

■ Exploration
You can explore the map by controlling the hero.
The shape of the map changes constantly like a mysterious dungeon.
There are tools on the map such as materials and money, and a magic line to proceed to the next tier or boss battle.
Also, you are roaming all over the map, not only you are roaming but also you start fighting on contact with fairies, you will meet events with fantastic girls, trade tools and fighting events.

■ Battle
Create a party of 5 to battle enemies.
The battle is a command battle where you use'skills' to attack opponents or assist your allies.
If an opponent annihilates you, you win, if your ally annihilate you, you lose.
When you win you get experience, tools and other things, there is no penalty for losing.

■ Skills
This is a skill used in battle.
The effects include a wide variety of effects, including the ability to attack opponents, heal allies, change abilities, and revive allies.
It seems that the skills of each character are completely different and if you meet certain conditions, you can use the skills of another character.

■ sensitivity
Boosting your preferences by winning battles and gifting them. As your sensation increases, you will increase your stats and energize powerful marks. However, the sensitivity will not decrease.
Also, some fantasy girls have an increase in sensitivity...?

■ Gifts and Spirit
You can give a gift to your fantasy girl. Gifting gifts will increase the realism and preferences.
You can increase your level, sensitivity, etc. by consuming energy.

■ Replay Element
Some disturbances allow score attack.
Make your enemies as strong as possible to get the highest score.

There are also many leaderboards and achievements. (Upcoming)
Achievements have a total of 100,000 XP. (Upcoming)

■ Beautiful elements
There are galaxy elements like preferences and gifts.
It's up to you to decide the hero game element ♡
Since it is all sisters, it is a gentle piece to all gentlemen.
(Only if it looks like) A Lolita girl comes out too.

◆ Material Used ◆
In creating this game, we have borrowed many images and music materials.
I thank you for taking this place.
The creator name of the material is shown in "Credits" on the title screen of the game.

◆ Disclaimer ◆
• This game is a secondary game from The Eastern Project.

• This game is completely free, without adds or purchases.

-The specs and difficulty of the game may change due to updates.

・ The save data may suddenly be lost due to a device failure.

• We don't take any responsibility in the event of a distress.

• No R18 element. (Building) more

【β版】東方翠神廻廊【RPG】 0.81 Update







一部のバグを修正 more

Additional Information

Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  T.D
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  29/11/2022
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