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لعبة جاوب زي الناس
لعبة جاوب زي الناس

لعبة جاوب زي الناس apk game v6 for android

6 for Android
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GAME details
لعبة جاوب زي الناس screenshot image
لعبة جاوب زي الناس screenshot image
لعبة جاوب زي الناس screenshot image
لعبة جاوب زي الناس screenshot image
لعبة جاوب زي الناس screenshot image

The description of لعبة جاوب زي الناس

Do you like intelligence games, challenging puzzles, riddles and challenge friends? Here is a fun and interesting game that you will love.

Do you like famous and useful games of a challenging and competitive nature?
Are you looking to try out a Saudi Reporters game, answer like people and would like to play it yourself like celebrities, answer it and don't eat it, answer right and be the winner?

Here is a beautiful and useful game for boys and girls, adults and children, just say the people's clothes and enjoy the most entertaining games in the Arab world, where you will work to discover five difficult and easy words related to one word, and in this game you will also find Fawaz puzzles Hajitk Majitk such as Hadidan and Moroccan puzzles and Algerian, Egyptian, Saudi and interconnected words will develop your memory and mind and develop mental abilities like well-known games say without saying and your mobile is on your head, but the game answer like people will take you to a higher level of entertainment and interest.

Game rules:
- The question consists of one word and you must answer the words that indicate the word like people and be from the words of the game.
- At the beginning of each question, the opponent’s team leader says the word and runs the timer, and with your team one minute to give the largest number of answers, and when you answer a word like people, the opponent’s team leader says right, and you continue when you answer all the words right or the time runs out.
- One round contains five stages for each team and the team that wins the most number of five stages wins the round.
- One question contains five different words. Within a minute, the opposing team must know as many words as possible. The team that answers as many words as more people gets the point of the question.
- One team can consist of one or more players, if the team consists of more than one player, each team determines a leader and is responsible for running the timer and reading the word to the opponent and telling them right when they say the word like people and collecting points for the correct answers.

The Answer the People game application contains a variety of intelligence games that help you activate your mind through a large number of rounds, renewed stages, and important words and vocabulary.

Answer the costume of the people game contains a lot of words, puzzles and riddles, such as puzzles with a solution in history, various cultural puzzles for the intelligent, various puzzles in several areas, names of countries and capitals, words about cooking, football and many other general culture.

Fill your mind, learn to increase culture, learn new things and compete with your friends. Who gets the highest points, the green team or the blue team, the important thing is that you are on the winning team.

Challenge your friends to see who is the smartest, choose your team members carefully and compete to win until the last round.

Our game: Answer like people is one word like Italy and you have to say words like people denote the word like pizza, tower of Pisa, spaghetti and so on until you say all the right words from the words like people inside the game and you have a very fun and entertaining time that includes knowledge and strengthens your information The general public, and you know many useful, entertaining and enjoyable words and answers, difficult and easy, arithmetic, Islamic, sports, football, players names and violin, through which you can test your intelligence and information at any time.

If your team loses in a round, do not worry, the game begins with a round, but you can play second rounds and advance the stages with the development of your abilities and increase the challenge with friends and family, and it will be in new rounds and stages continuously.

Features of answer the people costume game:
- Contains suitable words for smart people, adults and children, with the solution to increase the suspense and competition. There is a specific time to answer.
- The game has an attractive, modern and easy design and can be played by two or more players, and the higher the number, the greater the challenge.
- The game is completely in Arabic and contains a simplified and easy explanation of the rules of the game, a timer, and beautiful features to increase competition.
- It contains important information, its solutions, funny questions, difficult and easy words at the same time, and you have to say it like people and win.
- You can share the game with your friends with ease, its rules are very easy and simple, and you learn it quickly from the first time you play, you will love the game.
- The game for boys and girls, old and young, entertaining, funny and fast to a large extent.
- The game contains a large number of different and very interesting stages.

Answer like people, just occupy your mind and choose words related to the question word, and make sure that the application is stimulating thought and helps you activate your mind through the words presented and the way you answer them in a correct way and earn points.

Answer the people's game welcomes all your suggestions and inquiries to develop the game, and to add more rounds to increase the challenge and fun.

Ready to play?
Answer the people costume is free and exclusive from Google Play. more

لعبة جاوب زي الناس 6 Update

Bug Fixes more

Additional Information

Category:  Puzzle
Publisher:  Saozer
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  19/11/2022
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