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โนบูโร apk app v2.7.8 for android

2.7.8 for Android
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The description of โนบูโร

Noburo Application Financial Welfare for employees at all levels
*** For employees of companies that are partners with Noburo only ***

Noburo, the app that will help you manage your debt. and easily have hundreds of thousands of savings with the principle of partner knowledge
along with loan benefits saving and investing digital format

Features of Noburo

Keep a record of income and expenses.
- Record income-expenses, debt payments, savings
- Recommend spending effectively by categorizing expenses
- Summary of financial information, easy to understand

life balance sheet
- Record assets, liabilities to see a simple financial overview
- Financial horoscope, know the present, see the future (coming soon)

debt relief plan
- Advice on debt settlement management step by step
- Connect withdrawal and pay with Noburo loans
Details of the mission to conquer ten thousand
- Credit limit up to 100,000 baht
- Interest 15% per annum (1.25% per month) Reduced interest (Maximum APR is 15%)
- 30 month repayment period
- application fee For using a loan through Noburo, 30 baht per month, excluding VAT, will be charged until the loan is exhausted.
- Inquire for company code via [email protected]: @noburo1

An example of calculating interest 15% interest rate in general cases
Received a loan on the 10th of the 9th month in the amount of 10,000 baht.
Cut off the accounting period on the 15th of the 9th month
The company charges interest from the date of receiving the loan until the cut-off date.
- Interest (principal x interest rate x number of days)/(365) = (10,000 x 15% x 5)/365 = 20.55 baht
- Debt balance as of the 15th of the 9th month (principal + interest at the current period) = (10,000 + 20.55)/365 = 10,020.55 baht
- Minimum payment amount (principal x % minimum payment of principal balance) = (10,000 x 10%) = 1,000 baht
provided that the customer must pay within the 30th day of the 10th month

financial knowledge mission
- Liabilities Management
- Reduce unnecessary and necessary expenses
- Saving and investing
with a new mission in terms of work, health, relationships and society for self-development and fulfilling the stability of life sustainably more
โนบูโร 2.7.8 Update
Some bugs fixed and features enhancement to serve your experience with our noburo. Please update now and enjoy your benefits :) more
Additional Information
Category:  Finance
Publisher:  Noburo
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  22/11/2022
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