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ひめごとユニオン apk game v3.01.1008 for android

3.01.1008 for Android
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ひめごとユニオン screenshot image
ひめごとユニオン screenshot image
ひめごとユニオン screenshot image
ひめごとユニオン screenshot image

The description of ひめごとユニオン

A visual novel adventure game (Bishojo game gal game) where you can enjoy a love affair with a beautiful girl heroine who holds a secret.
Five people who go to the same school and have secrets that can't be told to anyone ... The name "Human Alliance" was formed to protect each other's secrets!
Become a popular ninja (apprentice) in a city where weird turmoil occurs, and enjoy a lively and a little exciting summer with four beautiful girl heroines.
You can play for free until the middle of the story.
If you like this game, please purchase the scenario unlock key and enjoy the story to the end.

◆ What is Himegoto Union?
Genre: Absolutely secret! Fate community adventure
Original picture: Masami Takeyama / Makoto Kawahara / Tatsuki Nonaka (SD original picture)
Scenario: Tadashi Shimohara / Shun Shiihara / Hideto Marutani / Sideburns Lupine R
Voice: Full voice
SD memory: Approximately 1.1GB used (recommended under Wifi environment)

■ Story
Time is modern. The stage is Japan.
The main character, Sana Hoshimori, had the secret of being a student but a ninja (apprentice).
Whether the secret calls for the secret, that summer, Saizo meets four girls with secrets that no one can tell.

The first is a blonde transfer student, Jimelia-la-Turion-Himeliere.
She was a real princess.

The second is Yuuki Kirishima, a senior who looks like a model.
She was a heroine of justice who hides her identity and fights.

The third is a beautiful young swordfighter, Hijiri Kujo.
She was not a beautiful young swordfighter, but a beautiful girl swordfighter dressed as a man.

The fourth is Koharu Miyoshi, a petite junior.
She was a girl who showed her strength when certain conditions were met.

The five people who shared each other's secrets gather at the local history study group revived by Himeria, and a group of people who share their secrets, also known as the "Alliance".

The season is summer. It is a lively day that is far from "Human" to visit the five people who have secrets.
Running around under the blue sky, making a fuss, getting angry, laughing. It seems to be everywhere, and it's a summer story that can only be found there.

copyright: (C) SEVEN WONDER more

ひめごとユニオン 3.01.1008 Update

Android SDKの更新

Android 11対応


Android 5.x端末にて一部メモリーエラーにより強制終了する不具合を修正しました。
Galaxy S6のバックキーのロングタッチによるメニュー表示に対応しました。
2点タッチによるメニュー表示の精度の向上を行いました。 more

Additional Information

Category:  Adventure
Publisher:  萌えAPP
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  22/11/2022
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