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ナンプレ Andoku 3
ナンプレ Andoku 31.34.1

ナンプレ Andoku 3 apk game v1.34.1 JA for android

1.34.1 JA for Android
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GAME details
ナンプレ Andoku 3 screenshot image
ナンプレ Andoku 3 screenshot image
ナンプレ Andoku 3 screenshot image
ナンプレ Andoku 3 screenshot image
ナンプレ Andoku 3 screenshot image
The description of ナンプレ Andoku 3
Andoku 3 is a Sudoku puzzle game for smartphones and tablets. Sudoku puzzles are played with different difficulty levels. It includes detailed commentary. Suitable for beginners and experts.


✔ Intuitive navigation
✔ Application Designs
✔ Auto Save
✔ Unlimited ‘Back’ and ‘Repeat’
✔ Enter notes
✔ Diverse assistance features
✔ Different game variations
✔ 9 difficulty levels
✔ Cloud sync
✔ Enter your own puzzles
✔ Game Statistics

Game Variations

In addition to the standard version of Sudoku, there are many other versions of Andoku.
• X Sudoku
• Hyper Sudoku
• Percent Sudoku
• Color Sudoku

A similar puzzle is also known by the name of Japanese Sudoku. Sudoku is a registered trademark of Nicoli Co.,


Andoku 3 has a tutorial that will show you how to solve many of these. The tutorial shows how to solve step by step based on the specific game situation.

Solve them in order of difficulty from very simple (introduction, hidden singles, etc.) to very difficult (XY chains, sashimi, swordfish, etc.).

Enter your own puzzle

Want to solve the Sudoku puzzles found in the newspaper? Andoku 3 makes it very easy to enter your own puzzles.

Cloud Sync

Save your progress in the cloud. Progress games can also be synced between devices.

This means you can start the game on your phone and continue on your tablet later! more
ナンプレ Andoku 3 1.34.1 JA Update
• Android 13 のサポートを追加
• Android 13 用のモノクロのランチャー アイコンを追加しました
• Google が RenderScript を廃止したため、カメラ モジュールが再実装されました
• アプリ設定に言語選択ダイアログを追加
• クリップボードを自動的にスキャンして、81 桁の文字列としてエンコードされたパズルを探すオプションを追加しました
• レイアウトと色のマイナーな変更
• ライブラリの依存関係を更新 more
Additional Information
Category:  Puzzle
Publisher:  Markus Wiederkehr
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  20/10/2022
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