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三国志大戦M:超本格戦略型カードRPG apk game v1.10.77306 for android

1.10.77306 for Android
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三国志大戦M:超本格戦略型カードRPG screenshot image
三国志大戦M:超本格戦略型カードRPG screenshot image
三国志大戦M:超本格戦略型カードRPG screenshot image
三国志大戦M:超本格戦略型カードRPG screenshot image
三国志大戦M:超本格戦略型カードRPG screenshot image

The description of 三国志大戦M:超本格戦略型カードRPG

◆ What is "Sangokushi War M"

The ultimate Sangokushi card battle RPG that celebrates the beginning of a new era of card RPGs is here!
With SEGA’s license out support, this is the next-gen’s super authentic strategy card RPG “Sangokushi War M”, a next-gen mobile game that has been reimagined as a mobile game.
Win the tumultuous three kingdoms in the ultimate strategy battle!

Official Twitter account:

◆Features of “Sangokushi War M”
1, A gorgeous gorgeous story picture with more than 150 total "warlords"
There are a total of 150+ warlords, ranging from famous warlords such as Cosa, Saneha, Zaru cloud, and Lair. 60+ popular idols, such as Mr. Lightningta, Mr. Tsubasa Taro, Mr. Takashi Takashi, Mr. Shinno assistant Hino, Mr. Lion Monkey and more, will bring you to their officers’ super beautiful illustrations!
Not only Sangokushi fans, but also those who like illustrations and collections, you will love it!
◆◇Introducing illustrator◇◆
Lightning Shota, Tsubasa Taro, Takashi Matashiki, Shinno help Hino, Hippo, Lion Monkey, Wolfina, K Ikihara, Daisuke Izuka, Setsu Sakashihara, Yocky, RARE ENGINE, Kichitoku
*Only for some illustrators*

2, Just one finger "Ultimate Strategy Battle"
In this game, not only the strength of the officer, but also the strategy of the player will determine the victory or defeat.
With enough understanding of the relationship and movement/attack characteristics of six different types of soldiers, including Shielders, Archers, Cavalry, Spearmen, Tactics and Doctors, as well as the “Skills” (active skills) and “Special Skills” and “Skills” of over 150 warlords of all their teams, they will need to observe the enemy’s lineup and create a optimal formation.
If you activate the skill at the point of "Here we go!" during an auto battle, you can win backwards.
Conquer enemies with pre-battle lineups, activate your skills during battle and move the battlefield!

3, Raise the strongest warlord with the "More development features"
It has a rich development system including level up, equipment, treasures, and destiny, one of the biggest card battle RPGs.
With the one-tap features such as "Batch Equipment" and "Batch Reinforcement", it is possible to easily strengthen your officers even for beginners or timeless players.
You can get training items and warlords just by progressing through the story at the beginning of the game, so you can focus on the battle and enjoy strategy while fully developing your warlord.
Develop your very own Warlord!

4, "Alliance" system with which you can become stronger with your friends
Joining alliances brings you various benefits such as the "Altar" that you receive every day, "Alliance Shop" where you can buy rare items and warlord's souls, "Alliance Labyrinth" only for allies members, and "Alliance Mission" to get luxury items.
Use your power of unity to win!

5, With All Warlord Voices
Amazing voice actors gather in Sangokushi War M!
The charm of the three kingdoms is an epic history drama set on a vast continent and a spectacle of unique heroes and beautiful girls. Each and every officer has been personally animated by veteran actors! Experience true acting in a game!
◆◇ Appearance of Voice ◇◆


[Price] Free to play (with in-app purchases available)
[Recommended and supported OSs]: Android OS 4**** or later
[Required RAM]: Smartphones and tablets with at least 800MB
[Required ROM] Smartphones and tablets with at least 1GB
※ Even if you meet the recommended environments, the app may become unstable depending on your device and usage. more

三国志大戦M:超本格戦略型カードRPG 1.10.77306 Update

3.その他、不具合修正など more

Additional Information

Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  HK Hero Entertainment Co., Limited
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  20/10/2022
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