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創世尋仙 - 掛機打王打寶
創世尋仙 - 掛機打王打寶

創世尋仙 - 掛機打王打寶 apk game v3.2.1 for android

3.2.1 for Android
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GAME details
創世尋仙 - 掛機打王打寶 screenshot image
創世尋仙 - 掛機打王打寶 screenshot image
創世尋仙 - 掛機打王打寶 screenshot image
創世尋仙 - 掛機打王打寶 screenshot image
創世尋仙 - 掛機打王打寶 screenshot image
The description of 創世尋仙 - 掛機打王打寶
On the basis of endless cultivation, the ink-and-wash text cultivating immortality has been revised for nearly a year. From the overall tribulation, learning exercises and gameplay, to the development of the system, to the layout of the interface, and the experience details, in-depth adjustments have been made. I look forward to your experience and put forward valuable suggestions and comments

The immortal power of the Chuangshi Continent is full of aura, and there are many treasures of heaven and earth. This is not only a paradise for cultivators, but also a wicked land for the fighting and plundering of demons. As a ignorant young man who has just entered the world of cultivating immortals, how do you overcome many obstacles, how do you overcome powerful enemies, and create your own cultivating legend?

Race and occupation each has its own characteristics
The warrior who focuses on offense, defends the armor like a mountain, the mage who controls the law and controls the enemy, and the Witch Zhu who heals wounds and curses. Burning flow, anti-wounding flow, strengthening flow, controlling flow, although there are millions of Taoism, it is not as good as a strategy to break the enemy.

Xiuxian hang up, not krypton, not liver
The gameplay is easy to simplify, even if it takes three or two minutes, you can have a little play. There are so many activities and benefits, and the gift package is waiting for you. Hang up at any time, stop when you play, cultivate immortals freely, and play games easily.

Colorful world, colorful fairy road
Equipment, magic weapon, spirit treasure, cave house, Taoist, Dharmakaya, spirit beast, crusade, immortal fighting, soul refining, refining... There are a lot of innovative gameplay, sincere design is full, and the world of cultivating immortals is waiting. Your exploration.

Intimate recycling, no waste
Exclusively designed "rebirth" function, so you no longer worry about strengthening. Dao friends, equipment, magic weapons, Dharma bodies, spirit treasures, spirit beasts...all the enhanced resources can be recovered without damage, and there is no worries about strengthening training.

Pay attention to feedback and continue to update
The production team will pay close attention to the feedback of the players, optimize and improve the game based on the actual situation, so that this relaxed and adventurous world of comprehension becomes more and more interesting and fun. more
創世尋仙 - 掛機打王打寶 3.2.1 Update
Bug Fixes more
Additional Information
Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  Gamecaff Co.,Limited
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  20/10/2022
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