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単語で覚える韓国語 - ハングル学習アプリ
単語で覚える韓国語 - ハングル学習アプリ

単語で覚える韓国語 - ハングル学習アプリ apk app v1.1.4 for android

1.1.4 for Android
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単語で覚える韓国語 - ハングル学習アプリ screenshot image
単語で覚える韓国語 - ハングル学習アプリ screenshot image
単語で覚える韓国語 - ハングル学習アプリ screenshot image
単語で覚える韓国語 - ハングル学習アプリ screenshot image
単語で覚える韓国語 - ハングル学習アプリ screenshot image
The description of 単語で覚える韓国語 - ハングル学習アプリ

A year and a half after its release, the number of downloads for both OS (iOS, Android) has exceeded 300,000.
When I first made it, I thought it would be great if it was used by about 3,000 people, so I'm just surprised at the current situation.
I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude not only to those who use it, but also to those who always give me supportive reviews. thank you very much.


This app was created with the concept of "If you know the words, you can understand Korean."
Of course, you can't speak Korean just by knowing words, and you also need to study grammar.
However, it is an undeniable fact that you can have a proper conversation just by knowing the words.

This app contains 1600 basic words including frequent greetings.
It is the content of learning by dividing them into 100 lessons.

Study -> take confirmation test -> study again -> check with test

Through such a cycle, we deepen our understanding of learning.
It also has audio, so I think you can understand more practical Korean.

In the process of making this app, I became able to read and write Hangul (laughs)
So, by studying with this app, I think that other people will be able to read and write Hangul.

Three minutes every day is fine, so I would appreciate it if you could proceed with the learning of this application.

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・ People who are looking for an app with Korean voice
・People who want to learn Hangul.
・People who want to use popular wordbook apps

・Those who are willing to learn Hangul
・ People who are doing patchim training (pachitore)
・ A person who writes Korean using a smartphone keyboard more
単語で覚える韓国語 - ハングル学習アプリ 1.1.4 Update
勉強画面のボタン配置を変更。その他、バグの修正を行いました。 more
Additional Information
Category:  Education
Publisher:  Taro Horiguchi
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  22/11/2022
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