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塞爾之光:嶄新時代 apk game v0.13.2332 for android

0.13.2332 for Android
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GAME details
塞爾之光:嶄新時代 screenshot image
塞爾之光:嶄新時代 screenshot image
塞爾之光:嶄新時代 screenshot image
塞爾之光:嶄新時代 screenshot image
塞爾之光:嶄新時代 screenshot image

The description of 塞爾之光:嶄新時代

"The Light of Searle - A New Era" is an adventure MMORPG that can release the soul. It has a fairy-tale magical world, and the adventure and joy are endless.

A new era expansion pack, the content introduces more gorgeous visual battles, comprehensive 3D battle screen transformation, combined with a new and rich adventure system, to create a new experience of the Light of Searle. The memories created once, with a new look, unfold a new adventure poem, giving all adventurers a completely different game experience! Let's protect the Sear Continent once again!

====Game Features====

[Return to the original feeling, the experience is upgraded again]
The game texture has been fully upgraded, creating more gorgeous combat special effects than ever before, bringing you a new visual feasting adventure experience.

[Competitive system, singles, team battles, each with their own abilities]
If you want to show your talents on the stage, you still need to compete for the highest glory of team victory!
From single-player arenas, guild wars, 5v5 team battles to 10v10 multiplayer dogfights!
Various competitive functions, let you play how you like!

【Any matching fashion system to create your own unique style】
More than 100 kinds of fashions are available for you to wear and choose, and create your own unique style! Who do you want to be today? "Noble, handsome, cute, fashionable" open the wardrobe for you to match!

[Multiplayer adventure copy, unlimited strategy]
The maximum support is for large groups of more than 10 people. The bosses of the adventure copy are not easy to mess with. One wrong step will destroy the entire group. The tense battle process will test your cooperation ability. The customs clearance rewards are so good that they fly to the sky, satisfying your fun of playing treasure!

[Wedding system, feel the blessings of all players]
The wedding plaza is very romantic, and all players can enter the venue with one click to witness love and send blessings. Easily create full of happiness and touching memories!

[Summoning of demons, mercenary assistance]
The ancient demons and warrior mercenaries from all over have their own different magic and fighting abilities. In the dangerous Sel continent, if you want to have a glimpse, the demons and mercenaries are your best helpers, and there is no shortage of treasure adventures. Not one.

【Darkness Comes, Star Awakens】
The gorgeous transformation awakens, the combat power soars, and the handsome is bursting. Fight monsters PK, wake up and transform!

===Contact Us===
Join "The Light of Sel - A New Era" and start an adventure together!
Official fan group:
Official website:

※This game has a mall value-added area. Please experience it according to your personal interests and abilities to avoid excessive consumption.
※Playing games for a long time will easily affect the normal work and rest. Moderate rest and exercise are recommended. more

塞爾之光:嶄新時代 0.13.2332 Update

Bug Fixes more

Additional Information

Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  Ling Ren Game Limited
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  24/11/2022
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