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天地劫 apk game v1.10.5 for android

1.10.5 for Android
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GAME details
天地劫 screenshot image
天地劫 screenshot image
天地劫 screenshot image
天地劫 screenshot image
天地劫 screenshot image
The description of 天地劫
【New Expansion Film "Meet You"】

The brand-new, unparalleled heroic spirit white is back, without phase. Uniforms are coming! There is also an event dungeon-Fantastic Brigades, waiting for the young heroes to challenge! May the young hero continue to ride the wind and waves this time and show his grand plans!

After a 20-year absence, the mobile game "Heaven and Earth Tribulation" officially debuted. Another masterpiece after "Dream Simulation Battle", it re-interprets the masterpiece in the history of Chinese RPG with brand-new technology, and presents the world of "Heaven and Earth Tribulation" for chivalrous warriors! While the mobile game contains the classic scenes from the original trilogy, it will also bring a new chapter of the newly created story.

Once, Yin Jianping and Feng Hanyue lived and died together and sealed Chiyou; Xia Houyi was betrayed and finally separated from Bing Limingyou; Yin Qianyang and Long Ye were obsessed with falling in love regardless of worldly eyes...

After a lapse of two years, the fate engraved in the Kalachakra Ritual is awakened. The new protagonist, A Liang, embarks on a journey to find the star dial and finds that all the sources are related to the second-generation male protagonist Xia Houyi... A tangle The continuous love and hatred is about to be staged again!

——The masterpiece in memory, a brand-new martial arts RPG——
Once known as the masterpiece of the pinnacle of domestic martial arts, the first mobile game in the series debuts!
For the first time, the characters from all dynasties have gathered in the same complete world, and take you to experience every touching and twisting plot.
A complete collection of the original trilogy games in the series, fully reset in high-definition, and re-interpreting the plot of the original RPG in the form of war chess!
The unfinished plots in the original work will also be completed in the mobile game.

——The pinnacle of American style martial arts aesthetics——
The art team went to Dunhuang and other original sites in the Western Regions for many times to conduct on-the-spot inspections, and used the most realistic and meticulous brushstrokes to depict characters and scenes!
The game uses HDR real light and shadow rendering technology to present the next-generation host-level picture quality.
Every frame can become a wallpaper, and every time you stop, you can taste the charm of martial arts.
A well-known music producer is invited to create new creations for the mobile game, recreating the exotic atmosphere of the deserted sands thousands of miles away!
High-definition remake of classic BGM clips such as "Battle Array", "Shenwei" and "Sinister" in the original trilogy!

——Orthodox fantasy martial arts reborn again——
Qinggong, combined attack, internal force, five elements, fantasy martial arts elements.
Make good use of various martial arts moves and use the terrain to defeat the enemy.
Feel the physics engine battlefield that even vegetation and rivers can use.
Familiar skills such as Lihuoshenjue and Tianhua Divine Sword will appear again!

——Super gorgeous combat performance, the perfect combination of martial arts RPG and war chess——
The five attributes of ice, fire, thunder, light, and darkness combine the character's background story with the restraint relationship of attributes!
Xiahouyi with fire attributes,
When facing the enemy of his life, Huangfu Shen, who is of the thunder attribute, he can exert his greatest combat power;
When facing the beloved ice-type ice glass, you will be completely restrained by the opponent!

——The rivers and lakes outside the battlefield, adventure and cruelty coexist——
Adventure gameplay, camping gameplay, exploration gameplay, etc. are full of fun.
Go on a date with the girl you love!
Side quests cannot be repeated, the world changes the system permanently, and you are responsible for your choices
The rivers and lakes are not black and white. How do you choose the lives of innocent children and the safety of the entire village?

【contact us】
"Heaven and Earth Tribulation" official website:
"Heaven and Earth Tribulation" customer service report website:
"Heaven and Earth Tribulation" FB fan group:

※The game content involves sex, violence, and inappropriate language, and is classified as supplementary level 12 according to the game software classification management method.
※The game plot is purely fictitious, pay attention to the time of use, and do not indulge in or imitate it improperly.
※Part of the content must be paid separately, please do not use others to store it to avoid breaking the law.

※The service area of ​​this game is limited to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia more
天地劫 1.10.5 Update

全新絕品英靈白復歸、無相.弭服強勢登場!還有活動副本-諸幻奇旅,等待著少俠們前往挑戰哦!願少俠此番依舊乘風破浪,一展宏圖! more
Additional Information
Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  GameBeans Ltd.
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  20/10/2022
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