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少女前線 Girls' Frontline
少女前線 Girls'

少女前線 Girls' Frontline apk game v3.0102_289 for android

3.0102_289 for Android
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GAME details
少女前線 Girls' Frontline screenshot image
少女前線 Girls' Frontline screenshot image
少女前線 Girls' Frontline screenshot image
少女前線 Girls' Frontline screenshot image
少女前線 Girls' Frontline screenshot image

The description of 少女前線 Girls' Frontline

The secrets hidden in the base are gradually revealed... Who can be the final winner of this bloody storm?

【World View】
In 2030, seven middle school students were attacked by patients suffering from extensive low radiation infection (E.L.I.D) due to the leakage of relic material (collapse fluid) due to the accidental entry of seven middle school students into the blocked area of ​​Beilan Island. The Tvi police team that went to the rescue failed, and the collapse fluid in the ruins was fully leaked. As a result of E.L.I.D, the habitable area of ​​the earth gradually dwindled; in order to fight for and defend the only remaining habitable land, the third world war, the most tragic in history, broke out.

After the armistice, there is still hostility and hatred between people, and the power of the state is no longer enough to maintain the stability and security of its own region, so it has to rely on the power of the security contractor (PMC). The time of "Girls Frontline" is set at this time, in which the player plays the commander of a security contractor, and maintains the order and stability of the world through commanding the tactical girls.

【Game Features】
- Reloaded troops, fully upgraded!
The reloaded troops have gained new strength again, the support distance has been improved, and the front line is supported at a long distance, 100% defense is broken, and indestructible!

- Tactical advancement, real-time combat
The innovative integration of the two modes strengthens the strategy and operability of the game.

- Real-time operation, in-person battle
The front army receives the enemy, the rear row outputs, and the formation and position can be changed in real time during the battle, and the action of the gun girl can be reasonably controlled to reverse the situation of the battle!

- Mental upgrade, breaking the limit
The limit of the tactical girl's mental module has been raised again, and the unprecedented combat power has been obtained, invincible and victorious!

- Tactical goblins, frontline support
A variety of combat-type and support-type tactical fairies, use fairies skills rationally with tactics, and have all the desired effects!

- Auxiliary room, dormitory extension
In the "Cafe", you can watch the special independent plot "Humanoid Past", comics and large-scale event PVs of tactical girls. Many girls will come to relax. This is the most novel place in Griffin!

- Well-known seiyuu, dedicated voice
Please enjoy the gorgeous performances brought by many first-line Japanese seiyuu, such as Rie Ngnomiya, Yui Horie, Haruka Tomatsu, etc.!

- External memory read and write permissions (EXTERNAL_STORAGE)
Permissions necessary to access devices, photos, cameras, files
This permission needs to be allowed when installing the game on the device's external memory card.
After allowing this permission, it can be downloaded and installed on the external memory card when the device storage space is insufficient.
This feature does not access the user's photos and files.

- Camera permission (EXTERNAL_STORAGE•CAMERA)
Using the camera feature requires permissions that allow the app to use the camera and read the device's external storage. more

少女前線 Girls' Frontline 3.0102_289 Update

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Additional Information

Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  Longcheng Ltd.
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  05/02/2023
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