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年賀状 カメラのキタムラ 写真付き挨拶状ハガキ作成・宛名印刷
年賀状 カメラのキタムラ 写真付き挨拶状ハガキ作成・宛名印刷

年賀状 カメラのキタムラ 写真付き挨拶状ハガキ作成・宛名印刷 apk app v1.0.23 for android

1.0.23 for Android
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年賀状 カメラのキタムラ 写真付き挨拶状ハガキ作成・宛名印刷 screenshot image
年賀状 カメラのキタムラ 写真付き挨拶状ハガキ作成・宛名印刷 screenshot image
年賀状 カメラのキタムラ 写真付き挨拶状ハガキ作成・宛名印刷 screenshot image
年賀状 カメラのキタムラ 写真付き挨拶状ハガキ作成・宛名印刷 screenshot image
年賀状 カメラのキタムラ 写真付き挨拶状ハガキ作成・宛名印刷 screenshot image
The description of 年賀状 カメラのキタムラ 写真付き挨拶状ハガキ作成・宛名印刷

Fastest in the industry! If you pick up at the store, you can finish it in as little as 1 hour! We also accept home delivery

Camera Kitamura processes approximately 68 million postcards annually, so you can rely on us.
We deliver peace of mind and beauty! New Year's cards are photo postcards that bring smiles!

[Easily create greeting cards by entrusting important address writing and printing]
◆ It's troublesome, but don't let your guard down.
For those who don't have time to write an address or use a home printer, it's difficult to adjust the print position and test print, so you can't make a beautiful greeting card! It is recommended for anyone who wants.
Unlike handwriting, if you enter data and print it, there will be no mistakes in writing or miswriting postcards.

◆Convenient web management is recommended for address books for New Year's cards and greeting cards
You can create an address book with Kitamura's greeting cards and store it on the web.
You can easily use the created address book to print addresses, and the created address book can also be used to create New Year's cards.

・New Year's card
・Mourning Postcard
・ Marriage report
・ Birth report
・ Thank you for family celebration
・Summer and lingering summer heat
・ Winter greetings
・ Admission
・ Shichigosan
・ Moving report
・ Relocation report
・ Transfer report
・ Photo card
· message card
・Original postcards with photos and illustrations printed on the entire surface

[Other features]
◆ Enhanced editing function for greeting cards
You can specify options such as enlarging the photo, entering sender information and comments, and editing with a handwriting pen.

◆ Receipt and settlement of postcards are easy and convenient
Kitamura's greeting cards are finished on high-quality photographic paper, and you can choose to receive them at Camera Kitamura stores nationwide or deliver them to your home.
For home delivery, you can choose between cash on delivery and credit card payment.

[New Year's card Camera Kitamura Create a greeting card with a photo and print the address] App is recommended for those who:
■ Those who want to create original greeting cards and thank-you postcards from illustrations and template designs
・I want an app that can easily create greeting cards/mourning cards and print addresses from free designs
■ Those who want to create an original photo greeting card
・Those who want to use a smartphone to create postcards, print addresses, and order
・I want to order a greeting card/mourning postcard from a shop because I can't print it at home.
■Those who want to efficiently create greeting cards and mourning postcards
・Since the list of greeting cards and mourning Athena has increased, I am looking for a popular app that can efficiently create greeting cards and mourning postcards.
・ I want to request everything from creating postcards such as address writing for greeting cards to printing
■ Those who want to create postcards for children
・I want to create, print, and order postcards using stylish designs.
・I want to create a New Year's card that stands out from others using a New Year's postcard creation app
■ It is a greeting card app recommended for such people.
・I want to easily create greeting cards such as greeting cards and mourning postcards using example sentences.
・I want to easily create an address for New Year's greetings/mourning postcards from a smartphone app.
・ Those who want to make this year's New Year's card a New Year's card with a photo
・ Those who want to create New Year's cards by printing at a store instead of printing at home
・Those who want to use high-quality photo printing for New Year's postcards
・ Those who are not good at editing and creating New Year's cards and want to easily order
・ Those who are looking for an application that can be easily ordered because address writing is troublesome
・ Those who want a stylish design for New Year's cards in 2023 more
年賀状 カメラのキタムラ 写真付き挨拶状ハガキ作成・宛名印刷 1.0.23 Update
軽微な修正を行いました more
Additional Information
Category:  Photography
Publisher:  カメラのキタムラ
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  16/11/2022
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