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戦国村を作ろう!目指せ戦国武将と天下統一 バトルで城下町育成
戦国村を作ろう!目指せ戦国武将と天下統一 バトルで城下町育成

戦国村を作ろう!目指せ戦国武将と天下統一 バトルで城下町育成 apk game v9.0.10 for android

9.0.10 for Android
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戦国村を作ろう!目指せ戦国武将と天下統一 バトルで城下町育成 screenshot image
戦国村を作ろう!目指せ戦国武将と天下統一 バトルで城下町育成 screenshot image
戦国村を作ろう!目指せ戦国武将と天下統一 バトルで城下町育成 screenshot image
戦国村を作ろう!目指せ戦国武将と天下統一 バトルで城下町育成 screenshot image
戦国村を作ろう!目指せ戦国武将と天下統一 バトルで城下町育成 screenshot image
戦国村を作ろう!目指せ戦国武将と天下統一 バトルで城下町育成 screenshot image
戦国村を作ろう!目指せ戦国武将と天下統一 バトルで城下町育成 screenshot image
戦国村を作ろう!目指せ戦国武将と天下統一 バトルで城下町育成 screenshot image
戦国村を作ろう!目指せ戦国武将と天下統一 バトルで城下町育成 screenshot image
戦国村を作ろう!目指せ戦国武将と天下統一 バトルで城下町育成 screenshot image

The description of 戦国村を作ろう!目指せ戦国武将と天下統一 バトルで城下町育成

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Now, 500 rice points will be presented!
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Now, 10,000 rice points will be presented!
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In 1467, the Onin War broke out in a battle that caused great turmoil in the world. The capital of Kyoto was desolate, and then the Warring States period, which divided Japan for about 150 years, continued. The guardian betrays the landlord and takes over the country. Yesterday's ally is today's enemy. An era where you can't get rid of even a moment. In it you became the head of the village and were tasked with developing the village towards the world. Creating a village from a spouse and two people. Gradually, you will have more friends and houses, and you will be a darling of the Warring States period.
Now, let's create a Sengoku village that represents this vast Japan. Then, defeat the powerful enemies of the group, such as Takeda, Uesugi, Oda, and Mori, and your village will unify the world!

[Game rules]
As the head of the village bearing his last name, I recommend the game "Create a village during the Warring States period". By growing and harvesting important rice in the rice fields, you can increase the number of rice points. You can use rice points to build castles, houses, and rice breweries, so it is your mission to grow the village while increasing the number of villagers and friends. On the way, many military commanders and intruders attack the village from the outside. Efficient acquisition of guns, weapons and armor from merchants is also important to protect the village. As the village grows larger, messengers may come from the Nanban people, the imperial court, and mainland China, and the village gradually becomes famous. The first villagers are only my spouse and myself. Will your village survive the Warring States period and unify the world in the future?

[The real thrill of the game]
Whether you are interested in surnames (surnames) or not, this is a game where you can grow a village bearing your surname and unify the world. In the ranking, you can compete with the strongest village in Japan and the development of the village. Because the number of families is getting smaller, let's harvest rice, increase your family, and experience the real thrill of growing a village. This is the second "Inakari Village Nurturing Simulation App" set in the Warring States period, which is based on the group male division, following the blockbuster game "Let's make Yayoi Village".
"Every day, happily swipe your fingertips to harvest rice and take good care of your health!"

【how to play】
When you start the game, the "village screen" is displayed first.
The village has one dwelling at the beginning of the game.
You can store rice inexhaustibly with just one rice brewery, so collect rice points and build battle items and castles from merchants, such as guns, armor, and horses, to prepare for your enemies.
You can increase the number of villagers to 10 by building a house and 40 by building a tenement house. On the harvest screen, rice is harvested in the paddy field.
Rice grows on its own without doing anything. The grown rice is harvested by tapping or swiping. When the rice is harvested, it is harvested in a rice bag and rice points are accumulated.
If the rice is left for a while, it may die. Harvesting dead rice is not a point, so harvest rice diligently. You can also use fertilizers and items to increase yields and prevent them from dying.

It is a village-building game that is very popular with rekijo.
It is set in the Warring States period of Japan, which is comparable to the period of the Three Kingdoms, which is popular in China. Nanbans come to the village as in the actual history.
Rice at that time was an important substitute for money.
We will harvest rice, expand the land, build buildings and grow the village.
If there are shrines and temples in the village, people will come together.
In order to answer the surname (last name) quiz given by the hermit in a game format and fight against the invaders, you also need your own intelligence and the viewpoint of village development.

* For questions and problems during the game, use the in-game "bulletin board" function.
It is possible to ask for a solution. Please use it because you can write it easily.
Depending on the duration of the game, the amount of rice, and depending on the model, rice harvesting or swiping to create a village may slow down the reaction. If the response is slow, we recommend that you end the game and restart it.
* Not compatible with tablet devices. note that.
* If rice does not grow after the game starts, please switch the map screen of the paddy field several times and wait for a while with the paddy field screen displayed.

■ About inquiries
Thank you for your valuable opinions and impressions in the reviews. We are looking at all the operations, but if you have any inquiries or bug information about the app, please contact us from the following.

Thank you.
■ What is a surname-derived net?
Of the surnames that are said to be less than 300,000, the surname-derived net covers more than 99.04% of the total population of Japan.
Specializing in surname information such as surname reading and origin, national ranking and ranking, celebrity information, etc.
It is the "last name information No. 1" application.
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戦国村を作ろう!目指せ戦国武将と天下統一 バトルで城下町育成 9.0.10 Update

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Additional Information

Category:  Strategy
Publisher:  Recstu Inc.
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  10/12/2022
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