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死神嘉年华(Transporting Classic)
死神嘉年华<span>(Transporting Classic)</span>

死神嘉年华 Mod apk game v2023.03.17.14(Transporting Classic) for android

2023.03.17.14 for Android
Updated on Fri Mar 17 16:12:54 CST 2023
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Additional Information

Mod Features:   Transporting Classic
Package Name:
Size:   1.1GB
Publish Date:   Fri Mar 17 16:12:54 CST 2023

The description of 死神嘉年华(Transporting Classic)

死神嘉年华 Carnival of Death Transporting Classic is a role-playing game developed by a Chinese game company. The game is set in a mysterious and dangerous fantasy world where players explore and battle to uncover its secrets. The game can be played solo or multiplayer.

Game Guide:

Character Creation:

1. Players need to choose a class, including Warrior, Mage, and Thief.

2. Players can customize their character's name, appearance, and skills according to their preferences.


1. Players need to explore various maps and areas in the game, battle enemies, and complete quests.

2 Players can gain experience and gold by completing battles and quests, which can be used to upgrade characters and purchase equipment.

3. Players can team up with other players to complete quests and battles.

Game Review:

Carnival of Death is a fun and addictive role-playing game with stunning graphics and sound effects, rich gameplay, and challenges. Players can freely explore the game's world and interact with other players to complete quests and battles.

The game's character creation system and class selection also provide players with a great deal of freedom and personalized choices. Players can customize their characters based on their preferences and explore the different classes and skills available in the game.

Compared to other online multiplayer games, Carnival of Death has a relatively small community, but the quality and fun of the game itself will not disappoint players. However, some players may find the game's difficulty level too high, requiring a lot of time and effort to make progress.

download icon Download (1.1GB)
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