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決戰陰陽師 妖怪皇帝與終焉的夜叉姬
決戰陰陽師 妖怪皇帝與終焉的夜叉姬

決戰陰陽師 妖怪皇帝與終焉的夜叉姬 apk game v1.0.1 for android

1.0.1 for Android
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決戰陰陽師 妖怪皇帝與終焉的夜叉姬 screenshot image
決戰陰陽師 妖怪皇帝與終焉的夜叉姬 screenshot image
決戰陰陽師 妖怪皇帝與終焉的夜叉姬 screenshot image
決戰陰陽師 妖怪皇帝與終焉的夜叉姬 screenshot image
決戰陰陽師 妖怪皇帝與終焉的夜叉姬 screenshot image

The description of 決戰陰陽師 妖怪皇帝與終焉的夜叉姬

Japan's pure Onmyoji RPG mobile game, directed and supervised by ace producer Naoshi Tani, and performed by well-known voice actress Hanazawa Coriander!

The brand-new Eight Illusory Demon Kingdoms subvert your perception of the world of Hundred Ghosts.
The unique "speed chain battle" system triggers gorgeous nirvana in battle.
Attack together with all the demons, fight against Qingming, and protect the mysterious fantasy kingdom!

【Game Introduction】
The long years have blurred the legend, only some ancient monsters still know the truth...
The monsters gradually disappeared from the real world and lived a peaceful and peaceful life until "Abe Seimei" reappeared.

On that day, the kingdom of Yasha was burning...
-This is a requiem from despair-
"You" as the savior was summoned to the "Phantom Demon Realm" where the monsters live, and together with the travel partner "Fangang" reversed the sad fate of the monsters.

【Game Features】
◆Meet charming monsters◆
In addition to the well-known Oni King Shuten-douji, Yuki-onna, Kamara Kamura, and Kidomaru, many monsters from Japanese folklore will awaken and appear!
The magnificent story of the Eight Demons and Eight Kingdoms and the close relationship between the characters will make you calm down!
◆Luxurious voice actors and exquisite animations create an audio-visual feast ◆
It is fully dubbed and recorded by top voice actors Yoko Hikasa, Ao Yuki, Kanna Hanazawa, Ayana Taketatsu, Natsuki Hanae, etc., truly interpreting the spirit of a hundred demons.
In addition, the Japanese girl band BiSH has created an original theme song and battle BGM, combined with rich plot animations, bringing the ultimate audio-visual and operating experience!

◆Ingenious combat system◆
Brand new, simple and rhythmic game combat system!
The "speed chain battle" that seems to be just arranging numbers but has profound connotations, the new attribute concept, and the "weak point crystal jade" that can attack weak points as long as it is matched with colors.

◆Enjoy the world in hot springs and flower towns! ◆
The unique town system allows you to experience the beautiful scenery of the four seasons and the change of day and night. Enjoy maiko, soak in hot springs, and enjoy "Phantom Demon World" to the fullest!

For more game information and welfare activities, please follow the official fan group: more

Additional Information

Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  Boltrend Games
Requirements:  Android 7.0+
Publish Date:  10/01/2023
Get It On:  google play
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