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聖鬪士星矢:銀河之魂 apk game v5.5.0 for android

5.5.0 for Android
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GAME details
聖鬪士星矢:銀河之魂 screenshot image
聖鬪士星矢:銀河之魂 screenshot image
聖鬪士星矢:銀河之魂 screenshot image
聖鬪士星矢:銀河之魂 screenshot image
聖鬪士星矢:銀河之魂 screenshot image
The description of 聖鬪士星矢:銀河之魂
Toei Animation, Che Tian Zhengmei genuine authorization, the annual masterpiece "Saint Seiya: Soul of the Galaxy" is coming again!

 youth! Bloody! fantasy! Tribute to the classics for 30 years, 100% restore the original story, take you to rekindle your childhood bloody memory: challenge the galactic hegemony, break through the golden twelfth house, decisive battle against the sea emperor Poseidon, break through the wall of sigh, smash the plot of Hades Saint Blood's bloody journey is rekindled again! Summon former partners, break out of the small universe, and fight for the goddess and peace!
 ● Toei Animation, Chetian Zhengmei Genuine Authorization
 The game is authorized by Toei Animation and Che Tian Zhengmei. As a tribute to the 30th anniversary of the birth of "Saint Seiya", the mobile game of the same name is coming again! The film-style plot performance perfectly restores the original plot; the fine 2D + 3D art completely presents the magnificent scene; the unprecedented collection of the whole series of characters; the freedom to build their favorite team of Saint Seiya; the classic dialogue and bloody competition, the Saint Seiya with faith, Will fight again for love and justice!
 ● Burn it, little universe! Awaken the heart and blood memories.
 Relive the touching bondage in the original book, and summon the former partner to fight again. Guard Athena, Saint Cloth Trial, Character Rebirth, Random Labyrinth, Fettered Copy, God's Trial ... A lot of innovative gameplay, and daily rewards are kept! Hu Peng calls friends to form the Saint Seiya Legion; unleash the potential of the Saint Seiya in the Guladu Arena; participate in the Sanctuary hegemony to challenge the hegemony status, and once again perform the same stage competition, mentor and duel. The most shocking PK, the most touching plot, the most bloody battle, all in "Saint Seiya: Soul of the Galaxy"! The goddess is calling, and your partner is waiting for you to fight!
 ● 3V3 Galactic hegemony, the battle of the Holy Land resurrected
 The Holy Territory battled the Galaxy, and the bloody hegemony began today! Say goodbye to fighting alone, come to a hearty 3V3 battle. No more worrying about your Saint Seiya being useless. Star fans can send three teams at the same time to fight 3V3 against each other! Innovative original real-time combat system, supplemented by 3D cartoon rendering, skeleton animation, physics collision engine and many other latest technologies, will bring you an infinite combo and passionate super-burning combat experience!
 ● The old brothers fight again, and the Legion ’s copy is fully fired
 Youth is not gone, Saint Seiya gathers again! The Legion's copy is hot, it is time to call back the old brothers to create the Legion with you, and fight the Holy Land again! After joining the Legion, Star fans can attack the Boss in turn with the Legion brothers, and each battle wins can get additional rewards based on the damage ranking. The goddess Athena has already called out to call the Saint Warrior, the Firestone Clock in the Sanctuary has also been ignited, and the Legion replica challenge is about to start. Are you ready?
 ● The horn sounds, the flag is held high, and the legion battle begins!
 Legion battles start! Hurry up and assemble your partners, and fight for the legion together! The fierce territorial offensive and defensive, strategic troop dispatches, and the happily fighting with the legion partners, can also receive rich rewards and fight for the army's supreme honor! Who is the strongest legion in the sanctuary, let us wait and see.
 Thirty years of blood rekindled, may you leave for half of your life and return to be a teenager ... more
聖鬪士星矢:銀河之魂 5.5.0 Update
1.新增角色:雙魚座· 雅柏菲卡
3.新增角色天9-神聖巨蟹座· 迪斯馬斯古、神聖天蠍座· 米羅
4.鬥士征途拓展至300關 more
Additional Information
Category:  Role Playing
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  20/10/2022
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