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雲圖計劃 apk game v1.3.0(TW) for android

1.3.0 for Android
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GAME details
雲圖計劃<span>(TW)</span> screenshot image
雲圖計劃<span>(TW)</span> screenshot image
雲圖計劃<span>(TW)</span> screenshot image
雲圖計劃<span>(TW)</span> screenshot image
雲圖計劃<span>(TW)</span> screenshot image
The description of 雲圖計劃(TW)
The new work of the Girls Frontline series "Project Cloud Atlas" is a Roguelike tactical RPG. At the moment when the dolls are in crisis, as the person in charge of "Project Cloud Atlas", you will set foot on an unknown land, gather dolls and build a team of exiles, and lead them Find a way out of the desperate situation. Exile in the virtual world, staring at the real. Looking forward to meeting the commanders in the cloud world and knocking on the real door of the virtual cloud.

[Role: Delicate and unique]
The next-generation dolls with their own professional characteristics are waiting for your orders. Search for them, expand the size of the "exile" team, diversify and cultivate your favorite dolls, help them break through the shackles of the mind, and even discover their unknown past—shh, this is only for you Secrets between.

【Battle: Coexistence of Strength and Strategy】
Under the exquisite scene design and character creation, the innovative combat mode absorbs the essence of Roguelike. Take reckless risks to face powerful enemies, or be cautious and careful step by step, carefully plan the overall layout, or adapt to the situation and adapt to the situation, there is not only one road to victory. Organize your dolls, skillfully use bond bonuses, and deploy the lineup reasonably. Please leave the rest to the "exiles".

【Construction: both fun and function】
The materials harvested during the adventure are powerful tools for building and upgrading the new home "oasis" of the "exiles". Please build cities, upgrade buildings, and decorate dormitories according to your preferences to obtain rich resources and powerful bonuses. Before setting off next time, don't forget to claim the resources to place the output, and enjoy half a day here with your favorite dolls.

[Permission Description]
• android.permission.CAMERA
Permissions necessary to use the camera function
Permissions required to use scan in your game
*This app does not access your personal photos or files
※ Please reserve more than 6G in the internal storage space of the device

Official website:

*Because the content of the game involves "sex" game characters wearing clothing or dresses that highlight sexual characteristics but does not involve sexual cues, "violence" includes fighting, attacking and other scenes that are not bloody or slightly scary, so the level is listed as "counseling" 12-year-old class".
*When playing the game, you should pay attention to the usage time to avoid indulging, some content or services of this game need to pay other fees separately
*This game is represented by Peiyu Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. more
雲圖計劃(TW) 1.3.0 Update
《云图计划》11月23日正式上线!面对这场空前的危机,请教授集结虚境中流亡的人形,指引他们摆脱绝境,探索真相。 more
Additional Information
Category:  Puzzle
Publisher:  HaoPlay Limited
Requirements:  Android 5.0+
Publish Date:  24/11/2022
Get It On:  google play
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