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공포의 술래잡기
공포의 술래잡기

공포의 술래잡기 apk game v1.34 for android

1.34 for Android
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공포의 술래잡기 screenshot image
공포의 술래잡기 screenshot image
공포의 술래잡기 screenshot image
공포의 술래잡기 screenshot image
공포의 술래잡기 screenshot image

The description of 공포의 술래잡기

Official release of Tackle of Terror!
Check out various detailed announcements and events in the official lounge♥
Go to Naver Lounge ->

" game introduction "

"Can we escape from here... safely?"
Survivors trapped in an unfamiliar space and chased by fear.
And endlessly following chasers' escape PvP multiplayer game!

A thrilling and tense survival battle begins.
Using characters and terrain with various skills
Survive in hide-and-seek with suffocating players
Win the battle for life and death!

A sense of urgency that makes you sweat until the very end, and a sparkly close battle!
Victory is at your fingertips!

■ Don't forget to breathe!

[Game Features]
■ Asymmetric Survival Battle (2 vs 4)
A six-player multiplayer survival game of chase and chase
Team up with your comrades to escape or become a chaser to catch survivors!
Survive and chase with a strategy different from others.

■ Sparkling skirmishes between pursuers and survivors
Easier by using various objects and skills! faster!
Charge the battery with our team players to escape or
Become an increasingly powerful chaser and capture survivors.

■ My favorite characters, full of personality and charm, raised with my own hands
The main characters of the story of the legend creator 'How many people in total' participate in the war
All the original characters from the Trick of Terror series are leveled up at once!
Grow your favorite character and enjoy the glorious victory! more

공포의 술래잡기 1.34 Update

1. 신규 캐릭터 제이슨 업데이트
2. 신규 캐릭터 제이슨 패키지 추가
3. 배틀패스, 랭킹 시즌 9 시작
4. 버그 수정 more

Additional Information

Category:  Action
Publisher:  Sandbox Network, Inc.
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  04/02/2023
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