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뉴럴 클라우드(CBT)
뉴럴 클라우드(CBT)

뉴럴 클라우드(CBT) apk game v1.2.0 for android

1.2.0 for Android
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GAME details
뉴럴 클라우드(CBT) screenshot image
뉴럴 클라우드(CBT) screenshot image
뉴럴 클라우드(CBT) screenshot image
뉴럴 클라우드(CBT) screenshot image
뉴럴 클라우드(CBT) screenshot image
The description of 뉴럴 클라우드(CBT)
〓Open Neural Cloud CBT〓

1.Test period: October 19, 2022 11:30 ~ October 25 18:00
2. The charging function is not open for this CBT. The player's account-related resources and data created during the test period will be deleted after the test ends.
3. This CBT can have 2,000 players. After opening the reservation download, you can download the CBT application from the store. After downloading, you can participate in the test after the server open time has passed.
4. During the event period, feedback and bug information related to the game can be reported through the in-game customer center or official SNS.

※10 GB or more of device free space is required.

Pre-order in progress! When you reach 2 million global reservations, you can get various rewards including the 3-star character Willow!
Finding the truth in the crevices of illusion. We look forward to meeting you and knocking on the door of truth in the virtual world in the cloud server world.

◆Character: Personality in detail
Next-generation dolls with various job characteristics await your instructions. Find their whereabouts, raise a procession of 'exiles', and nurture your favorite dolls to release the shackles filled with your mind map. Maybe you can dig up their secret secrets into the past... but this is a secret between you and the doll.
Combat: Coexistence of Power and Strategy
A new combat method that absorbs the essence of the roguelike genre with a delicate background design and character composition. It's okay to take risks and face strong enemies, and it's good to plan carefully with the feeling of hitting a stone bridge. There is not only one way to victory, so please make a formation that can show the strengths of each doll. Leave the rest to the 'exiles'.
◆Construction: sure fun and efficiency◆
You can develop an 'Oasis', the home of 'exiles' with the materials collected during the adventure, to build a city, strengthen facilities, and decorate the dormitory to your liking to obtain abundant resource income and strong bonus effects. Take a short break with the adorable dolls before your next outing.
Business Contact: +8621 60727077
Business Email: [email protected]

[Permission Description]
- Required permission for taking pictures.
- Required permission for game profile picture.
- Please rest assured that access to private information such as personal library and files is not allowed.

Advance reservation page:
Official Cafe:
Official Twitter:
Official YouTube:
Official Naver Lounge: more
뉴럴 클라우드(CBT) 1.2.0 Update
업데이트 내용:
뉴럴 클라우드 CBT 오픈! 기간: 2022년 10월 19일 11:30 ~ 10월 25일 18:00
2.이번 CBT는 충전 기능이 오픈되지 않습니다. 테스트 기간 동안 생성된 플레이어의 계정 관련 리소스 및 데이터는 테스트 종료 후 삭제됩니다.
3.이번 CBT는 2,000명의 플레이어가 참여할 수 있습니다. 예약 다운로드 오픈 후 스토어에서 CBT 어플리케이션을 다운받을 수 있습니다. 다운을 받으신 후 서버 오픈 시간이 지나면 테스트에 참여할 수 있습니다.
4.이벤트 기간 동안, 게임과 관련된 피드백 및 버그 정보 제공은 인게임 고객센터 혹은 공식 SNS을 통해 제보할 수 있습니다.
※10GB 이상의 디바이스의 여유 용량이 필요합니다. more
Additional Information
Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  HaoPlay Limited
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  20/10/2022
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