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루이 - 오직 게이만을 위한 소통공간
루이 - 오직 게이만을 위한 소통공간

루이 - 오직 게이만을 위한 소통공간 apk app v3.0.1 for android

3.0.1 for Android
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루이 - 오직 게이만을 위한 소통공간 screenshot image
루이 - 오직 게이만을 위한 소통공간 screenshot image
루이 - 오직 게이만을 위한 소통공간 screenshot image
루이 - 오직 게이만을 위한 소통공간 screenshot image
루이 - 오직 게이만을 위한 소통공간 screenshot image
The description of 루이 - 오직 게이만을 위한 소통공간

A hot communication space only for gays, Louis!

# Heart pounding with new friends! Feel good right now!
A gay communication space where you can become friends with one interest without having to introduce yourself!
A hideout where you can enjoy without embellishments and without having to think hard!
A place where you can meet friends who understand your heart, not your appearance, Louie!

# Signing up for membership is easy, and conversations feel like katok.
You can meet a variety of people with an easy and convenient signup.
Louie can easily meet friends with similar interests.
Focus on the conversation now with free topics!

# From small stories to deep concerns
From the trivial stories that share today's daily life
Even my deepest sincerity that I do not want to post to my friends, Instagram, or Facebook,
Express yourself as I am.

# Talk with confidence
Instantly block inappropriate users with real-time monitoring!
We are doing our best 24 hours a day to always create a clean communication space.
We protect your connection!

Louis always listens to your opinions.
If you need help or share your thoughts for improvement,
Please let me know by email anytime within 24 hours ;)

# What kind of conversation do you usually have in ‘Louis’?
Interests: Company, School, Travel, Cooking, Health, Exercise, Parenting, Pets, Dating, Marriage, Employment, Friendship, Company, Family, Career, Stocks, Hobbies, Connecting, Well, etc.
Daily: On the way to work, after work, drinking alcohol, before going to bed, etc.

# People whose ‘Louis’ has become a daily routine
- People who want to make friends with whom to share Louis
- People who need a communication space such as Ivan City and Topji
- A person who comes home after dinner and spends time alone
- People who want to make friends in a new area after getting a job
- People who do not have KakaoTalk messages or KakaoTalk friends to contact
- A person who has troubles that cannot be shared with those around them
- People who need support and advice before an important event
- A person who wants to share today's daily life with someone similar
- A warm person who wants to be a little comfort in someone's day
- People who want to meet foreign friends and tutor

My own small city, Ivan City Louis for gays,
Get started right now!


This app is doing its best to monitor for the protection of youth by prohibiting the following actions within the app in accordance with the 'Recommendation for Strengthening Youth Protection Activities' of the vigilance committee. In addition, we monitor the distribution of illegal and harmful content, and inform you that if found, the member/post may be blocked without notice.

1. This app is not for the purpose of prostitution, and complies with the Youth Protection Act, but the user's attention is required because it may contain harmful or content to youth.
2. A person who mediates, solicits, induces, or coerces prostitution, including children and adolescents, or a person who engages in prostitution is subject to criminal punishment.
3. Posts that induce unhealthy encounters by comparing obscene or sexually explicit profile photos and genitals and sexual acts are prohibited from distribution on this service.
4. Illegal acts that violate the current law, such as other narcotics, pharmaceuticals, and long-term transactions, are prohibited.

If there is an illegal transaction solicitation, report it to [email protected] You can get help from the Sexual Violence Protection Center ( more
루이 - 오직 게이만을 위한 소통공간 3.0.1 Update
- 진지체의 폰트크기를 살짝 줄였어요.
- 대화방을 즐겨찾기한 경우 이제 배경색이 달라져서 더 눈에 띄도록 했어요.
- 안정적인 서비스 이용환경을 위해 사용중인 라이브러리들을 업데이트했어요. more
Additional Information
Category:  Social
Publisher:  NNK Labs
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  22/11/2022
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