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우리말 단어 퍼즐 혼자하기
우리말 단어 퍼즐 혼자하기

우리말 단어 퍼즐 혼자하기 apk game v1.7 for android

1.7 for Android
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GAME details
우리말 단어 퍼즐 혼자하기 screenshot image
우리말 단어 퍼즐 혼자하기 screenshot image
우리말 단어 퍼즐 혼자하기 screenshot image
우리말 단어 퍼즐 혼자하기 screenshot image
우리말 단어 퍼즐 혼자하기 screenshot image

The description of 우리말 단어 퍼즐 혼자하기

You can use it easily and conveniently by dragging the word.

Study the beautiful Korean Korean words and exercise your brain!!

Korean Word Puzzle is not a game or app to find difficult words. Korean word puzzle is an app to help you exercise your brain through repetitive learning of commonly used words and improve your motor function through touch and dragging.

A Korean word puzzle to help improve memory by finding common words in several words, rather than solving problems like difficult quizzes or puzzles.

We have provided a comfortable screen so that the elderly and users with presbyopia can enjoy it comfortably.

It is not difficult to learn Korean words, but because it is made for the purpose of memory training and exercise learning through touch and drag with the composition of easy and common words, the supported Korean words can be easy.

A word puzzle that consists of large letters and easy words in Korean and can be enjoyed comfortably through repeated learning at any time!!!

There are many words you know and easy words, but through this repetitive learning, exercise your brain and improve your memory.

- Free use without time limit
- Unlimited use of hints!!
- Convenient use without inconvenient advertisements in every edition
- More than 400 Korean words supported
- Can be repeated at any time

Try to train your brain while looking for Korean words, economics, and current affairs while having fun and easy anytime! more

우리말 단어 퍼즐 혼자하기 1.7 Update

우리말 단어 퍼즐은 어려운 단어 학습이 아닌 쉽고 흔하게 알 수 있는 단어들의 구성으로 기억력 훈련, 터치 드래그를 통한 운동 학습 등을 목적으로 제작되었기 때문에 지원하는 우리말 단어 난이도가 쉬울 수 있습니다.

- 시간 제한 없이 자유롭게 이용
- 힌트 사용 무제한!!
- 매판마다 불편한 광고 없이 편하게 이용
- 400개 이상의 우리말 단어 지원
- 언제나 반복 학습 가능

언제든지 쉽고 편하게 즐기면서 우리말 단어 및 경제, 시사 용어들을 찾으며 뇌 훈련도 해보세요!

감사합니다. more

Additional Information

Category:  Word
Publisher:  FREEON Corp.
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  13/11/2022
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