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임차in - 세입자 지키미
임차in - 세입자 지키미

임차in - 세입자 지키미 apk app v1.0.9 for android

1.0.9 for Android
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임차in - 세입자 지키미 screenshot image
임차in - 세입자 지키미 screenshot image
임차in - 세입자 지키미 screenshot image
임차in - 세입자 지키미 screenshot image
임차in - 세입자 지키미 screenshot image
The description of 임차in - 세입자 지키미

Tenant Guard, Tenant in

Count the inside of a person
Proptech towards people,
Tenant in makes it.

Everyone who uses real estate,
Easy-to-use tenant comprehensive care service rental in!
Make difficult terms easy, and check complex documents at once.

1. We protect the lessee from various risks that may arise during the rental contract.
→ Kkanjeonse reader: Check the case of Kkanjeonse suspicious, and conclude a secure contract.
→ Defensive power: Tenant's counterpower at 0 o'clock the next day? The next day after paying the balance, check it and rest assured.
→ Lease object rights analysis: From basic rights analysis to in-depth analysis for free if you have a home address! You can check the entitlement status of the building.
→ Check lessor risk: You can check the lessor information based on the lessor blacklist listing.
→ Brokerage office and broker registration inquiry: It protects you from illegal brokerage by unregistered brokers by checking the business card information of brokers.
→ Determination of the authenticity of the ID card: You can check the authenticity of the other party's ID card when writing the lease agreement.

2. Essential devices for a safe living environment for tenants!
→ Registered case change AI Alert: We will notify you immediately of changes in the rights of residence! Do not miss the change of owner, foreclosure, and related information change.
→ Confirmation date and lease report: After moving, the most important but cumbersome task! Proceed for free at the rental in without visiting the local community center.
→ Moving-in report: This is an essential element to secure the resistance of tenants.

3. Essential safety device for comfortable daily life of tenants!
→ Lease in Special Agreement Dictionary: We have compiled the contents of special agreements that the lessee should be aware of in relation to the housing rental contract.
→ Guarantee insurance subscription: You can check whether you can subscribe to guarantee insurance (Housing City Guarantee Corporation).

4. To do list of real estate transaction, take it all together.
→ Compare Jeonse Loan Interest Rates: Check out the best Jeonse Loan products with a professional bank counselor. Non-face-to-face consultations and online courses are also OK!
→ Compare moving and cleaning quotes: Use a free quote service at a reasonable cost.

→ Balance date to do list: Bring the items you need to check on the balance date. Don't miss anything, keep it simple.
→ Provide real estate form and customized special offer: We provide customized form and special contract for each situation.
→ Customized schedule push notifications: Push notifications are available according to a pre-arranged schedule. Take care of your schedule without missing any important dates.

5. Professionals in each field of rental in will help you directly.
→ Accompanied by a real estate expert contract: Are you new to real estate contracts? Be with a proven rights analysis expert.
→ Counseling for damage to non-return of deposit due to auction: The house you lived in went up for auction? Come up with realistic countermeasures quickly.

6. Quickly and easily find the information you want based on big data around your residence!
→ My Neighborhood: Easily check information about commercial districts, school districts, transportation, and hospitals (pharmacy) around the house you live or plan to move in with with one click.

*Please use the latest version of the application for a safe and convenient life.

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임차in - 세입자 지키미 1.0.9 Update
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Category:  Communication
Publisher:  (주)아이엔
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  24/11/2022
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