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파프리카케어 - 내 질병, 약정보, 복약알람 건강관리
파프리카케어 - 내 질병, 약정보, 복약알람 건강관리

파프리카케어 - 내 질병, 약정보, 복약알람 건강관리 apk app v3.14.4 for android

3.14.4 for Android
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파프리카케어 - 내 질병, 약정보, 복약알람 건강관리 screenshot image
파프리카케어 - 내 질병, 약정보, 복약알람 건강관리 screenshot image
파프리카케어 - 내 질병, 약정보, 복약알람 건강관리 screenshot image
파프리카케어 - 내 질병, 약정보, 복약알람 건강관리 screenshot image
파프리카케어 - 내 질병, 약정보, 복약알람 건강관리 screenshot image
The description of 파프리카케어 - 내 질병, 약정보, 복약알람 건강관리

Health care that starts with a prescription and medicine bag

1. Manage your medical records easily and conveniently.
Manage your medical records easily and conveniently by taking prescriptions or medicine envelopes. Don't rely on your vague memories of when and what disease you visited, which hospital you took, what medications you took.

2. Check information about my disease, my medications, and hospitals.
You don't have to worry about which of the many information online is reliable or have trouble with unfamiliar medical terms. Check your questions about your diseases and medications with statistical information based on medical big data.

3. Check the precautions to be taken when taking medication.
We inform you of precautions regarding medications you are taking, such as medications that should not be taken together, medications with overlapping ingredients or effects, and medications that pregnant women should not take.

4. Receive medication reminders and take your medications on time.
When you take a prescription, we automatically send you a notification at the medication time. You only need to set the medication time that suits your lifestyle once, and you are done!

5. Check your medication status at a glance.
If you are taking several different medications, you can view your medication schedule in the form of a calendar or list, making it easier to manage.

6. In addition to the family, the health of the whole family.
The family add-on function makes it easy for parents and children to manage their medical care, prescription records, and medication.

7. You can start taking medication without a prescription.
Now you can start taking medication by entering your medication history!

- What other diseases are most often associated with my disease?
- Which department receives the most treatment for my disease?
- Is it the medicine I am taking right now, the medicine I am taking for any disease? Etc

Essential information about diseases and medications. Now check it out at Paprika Care!

[Service Usage Guide]

1. Sign up for membership
You can easily sign up for membership with your email and social media account.

2. Identity Verification
To use the prescription analysis service, you need to verify your identity through mobile phone authentication.

3. Take prescription/medicine bag
You can take a prescription or medicine bag directly from the app, or select an existing picture and enter it.

4. Direct entry of prescription details
Without a prescription, you can directly enter the prescription history and start taking medication.

5. Check Prescribing Information
You can check your registered prescriptions anytime, anywhere. You can easily check information about diagnosed diseases, prescribed drugs, and visited hospitals.

6. Medication management
We will notify you so that you can take your medication at the right time according to the automatically entered medication guide.

- Medical statistics information is an analysis data performed by a medical data solution company with the most recent data among the 1.45 million patient sample data provided annually by the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service. more
파프리카케어 - 내 질병, 약정보, 복약알람 건강관리 3.14.4 Update
* 일부 화면에서 메시지 표시 전 앱이 죽는 문제를 수정하였습니다.

* 필수/선택 접근권한에 대한 안내 문구를 개선하였습니다.
* 불필요한 접근권한에 대한 요청을 삭제하였습니다. more
Additional Information
Category:  Medical
Publisher:  Onions
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  22/11/2022
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