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1/7の魔法使い スマホ版
1/7の魔法使い スマホ版

1/7の魔法使い スマホ版 apk game v1.02 for android

1.02 for Android
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GAME details
1/7の魔法使い スマホ版 screenshot image
1/7の魔法使い スマホ版 screenshot image
1/7の魔法使い スマホ版 screenshot image
1/7の魔法使い スマホ版 screenshot image
1/7の魔法使い スマホ版 screenshot image

The description of 1/7の魔法使い スマホ版

The debut of the game brand “Regulus” is now a mobile app version with light!
The hero has enrolled in a magic academy to save his day-to-day promise to be a “mage to save the world”.
He without the help of a wizard was sent to a special class where the students were blind.
The task that will be given to each student is to show all wizards in one month.
Go beyond the high-ranking rivals, and become the great wizard!

■■■ Overview ■■■
This game is a romance adventure game (Beautiful Girl Game Galgame).
You can play through the middle of the story for free.
Unlocking Scenarios will allow you to play all the scenarios in the main story until the end.

Genre: Dating Adventure Game
Voice: Available
Required storage free space: About 1.32GB

Scenarios unlock key price is $ 1,172 (including tax).
※ No other purchases.

■■■ STORY ■■■
Be a “Mage” who will save the world――
Such an ridiculous promise of distant memory, which was exchanged at a young age.
Time has passed, 38 years of new magic. Don't you know the wishes of such a young boy, the world trembled once again for the presence of the “witch” who was observed.
Yuji Ichijo is an ordinary boy, who wants to be a “mage” to fulfill such a childhood promise.
The boy decides to enroll in magic school and takes the magic selection test. However, as you write to the TOP as the result of your written and practicing tests, you are certified as "Falled Out" for that simple reason, but for so simple reason.

However, he was later approved by special review in the revisit and became admitted to the My Arenas Magical School after a half year. There, boys and girls with excellent magical nature were living a school life towards the coming witch revival.
Brave looking around the school, suddenly heard a moment, and a place full of darkness.
Appeared in the darkness...

"Brawl ...... You are not the one I wish I could be"

The girl continues to say that she was brave and lost on the meaning of the word.

"Welcome to me. I will be waiting beyond that."

The girl forgets that and goes away.
But soon then the hero learns — one word of the girl’s meaning.

Later, the school gave me the graduation from the "fallen up" called "Kaisha".
The duration is one month, and if there is a problem in both school and poor grades, if "Everyone" hasn't been able to develop its skills as a wizard, then you would have to wait for admission and decide to drop out.

Yes, and I hadn't even been accepted to enter school...

※ Content will be arranged for all ages. Please note that the content is different from the original work.

copyright: (C)Regulus more

1/7の魔法使い スマホ版 1.02 Update

Ver. 1.02
Android SDKおよびLibraryの更新

Ver. 1.01
その他不具合の修正 more

Additional Information

Category:  Adventure
Publisher:  alliance
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  22/11/2022
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