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13 Figures: Puzzle game
13 Figures: Puzzle

13 Figures: Puzzle game apk game v1.23 for android

1.23 for Android
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GAME details
13 Figures: Puzzle game screenshot image
13 Figures: Puzzle game screenshot image
13 Figures: Puzzle game screenshot image
13 Figures: Puzzle game screenshot image
13 Figures: Puzzle game screenshot image

The description of 13 Figures: Puzzle game

This classic puzzle game is designed to energize your spatial imagination, it gives food to your brains, and at the same time, it is completely relaxing for your mind.

13 Figures puzzle game is your opportunity to spend time or get distracted from work by a simple but interesting logic puzzle. Just try to fill the game field for each round with the figures from the menu. As soon as the whole field is closed it's bingo! You have won.

Reboot your brain after challenging tasks and train it at the same time.
Teach the basics of logic and spatial thinking.
Use your time playing the game, coming up with countless combinations.

And this is just a small part of the fun that the 13 Figures puzzle game gives you.

Functionality and Rules of the 13 Figures Puzzle Game

Everything is like a piece of cake! The game is built on the principle of "match three" puzzles. All you need to do is to place the figures from the tray on the field of a random form. Where to start, and how to place them together? It's up to you to decide. The level is considered passed if there are no empty segments left on the field.

You can unfold the shapes, start filling the field from any point, choose the first shape of your choice. No restrictions! The only thing that is forbidden is to superimpose the figures one on top of the other.

Fundamental rules:

In each level of the Figures puzzle game, you get 13 types of figures. Their shape and number are unchanged, regardless of the difficulty of the level.
Each level offers an increasingly difficult field on which you have to place the pieces. There are many levels in the game, so you will definitely not get bored with it.
You get points for each way you place the pieces. The more non-standard combinations you come up with, the more points you'll be praised with.
You can play the puzzle game offline to set personal records. Or you can involve your friends or arrange competitions. When playing online, your results will be displayed in the overall ranking.

Advantages of 13 Figures Jigsaw Puzzle Game

You download our puzzle game for free but that's not all! You will certainly appreciate its other mind-cracking benefits.

You can download the puzzle game to your gadget, and open access to the rest of the family through the Family Library option.
The number of combinations for playing 13 Figures is infinite. You can come up with new combinations and earn even more points for your creativity. The exact number of combinations is still unknown, and it is very likely that you will be the discoverer of the most unusual and winning options for placing figures in the puzzle.
The game is suitable for players of any age from 3 years old to 99+. It does not require special skills, the ability to read, count, perform complex mathematical calculations. Just invent new combinations of figures and get points.
Such a puzzle improves concentration, develops logical thinking, and spatial imagination. It's great for early development but there are plenty of gaming moments for older players as well.
Besides the standard bonuses in our puzzle game for children and adults, there are also extra bonuses, in-game purchases, and prizes that increase interest.

All you need to enjoy the original 13 Figures puzzle is to download the puzzle game in the App Store and Google Play on your device. The free option will give you a lot of positive emotions, and the possibility of in-app purchases will make your gaming experience even more diverse.

The game is available for most mobile devices in offline and online modes. You can either spend a couple of minutes at it or make 13 Figures a field for competitions with friends, family, or coworkers. The new experience, many positive moments, and benefits for pumping your brains - all this is a puzzle of 13 Figures. more

13 Figures: Puzzle game 1.23 Update

Fixed dark theme
Added hints for starter levels
Changed Tutorial
Added hints more

Additional Information

Category:  Puzzle
Publisher:  Alhanyk
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  24/11/2022
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