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Blocks & Taps - Brain puzzle
Blocks & Taps - Brain

Blocks & Taps - Brain puzzle apk game v1.1 for android

1.1 for Android
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Blocks & Taps - Brain puzzle screenshot image
Blocks & Taps - Brain puzzle screenshot image
Blocks & Taps - Brain puzzle screenshot image
Blocks & Taps - Brain puzzle screenshot image
Blocks & Taps - Brain puzzle screenshot image

The description of Blocks & Taps - Brain puzzle

Blocks & Taps is a relaxing brain teaser. It is a simple way to train your spatial thinking, logic and forward planning just by tapping one finger on the screen. The rules are simple: just remove some number of shapes of specific colors in a limited number of taps. Game is can be played with only one hand.

Just a couple of minutes a day with this mind game will help you to develop your mental capacity and activate your brain. It is also a meditative relaxing zen game as it is very minimalistic: no limit to play, no timers no other irritants. Just sit, relax and think in what order you will tap on blocks to remove them with maximum efficiency and minimal number of taps.

Enjoy this brain training game at home or at work, at a park or in a bus, in other words everywhere!

- You have a board with number of colorful blocks connected into different shapes.
- You can remove any shape by tapping on it.
- Your goal is to clear specific number of blocks on specific colors.
- When you tap on block it slides down connecting or disconnecting with other blocks of the same color creating unlimited numbers of various. shapes.
- One tap on a large shape remove all the blocks it contains and faster moves you to your goal.

Release stress, get every day some brain training exercise

How to master Blocks and taps:

• Think one step ahead if you spend 1 tap to remove only one block other blocks can be connected into very large shape which can fulfill the goal. In just one tap.
• Try to remove blocks in way that can create large shapes.
• Find your zen by balancing between removing small and large shapes.
• There is no time limit, so no rush. Spend time on thinking how to make the next tap.
• Always keep in mind remaining number of taps as they are limited. Use your taps wisely.
• Keep track your goals and don't waste your taps on blocks of colors you don't need.
• And remember: if you did a wrong tap you can always undo it and make again. If you unhappy with undo you can tap redo and this undo will return to you.

Tank you for playing Blocks n'Taps more

Blocks & Taps - Brain puzzle 1.1 Update

Improved performance on tutorial and first level more

Additional Information

Category:  Puzzle
Publisher:  Sergey Pekar
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  10/11/2022
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