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Bluetooth Bot Battles – Turn B
Bluetooth Bot Battles – Turn

Bluetooth Bot Battles – Turn B apk game v5.0 for android

5.0 for Android
Updated on Mon Dec 05 09:23:08 CST 2022
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Additional Information

Package Name:   com.RavaloxFabrications.BluetoothBotBattles
Size:   82.7MB
Publish Date:   Mon Dec 05 09:23:08 CST 2022

The description of Bluetooth Bot Battles – Turn B

Temporarily change your Bots name to "Instagram2021" to receive 200 FREE CREDITS!
Are you looking for a simple yet fun mini bots game designed for families to have fun together? How about playing an offline multiplayer bot wars game? If that is the case, we suggest you invite all your friends and family members as it is about to get crazy in bot wars 1v1 battle arena! Use your Bluetooth game skills to connect with one another and play against the opponents in this challenging bot fight. As one of the best Bluetooth games available online, this game frees you from the need of connecting with your families and friends over an internet connection. Whether it is a house party that needs some spicing up or a casual meetup with friends where you want to do something fun, this app is an amazing pick for you to be your best competitive self and have fun.
Play Bluetooth Bot Battles – Turn Based Robot Fighting now!

Thrilling Mini Bots War
Mini bots are ready to kill each other in the challenging 1v1 battle arena. Pair up against your opponent over the Bluetooth games connection and start the bot fight. Your job is to guide the fighter robot in left or right direction and shoot the bullets to destroy the opponent mini bots. You will receive a battle bot life meter on top of the game screen. Empty out the life meter of your opponent to be the winner.

Destroy the Opponent
Show no mercy! The only goal of this 1v1 battle arena bot wars game is to destroy your opponent. You can do so by shooting bullets out of your robot fighter. The opponent will also attempt to kill you in the bot fight, so you must steer clear of the incoming attacks and act as quickly as possible to win the bot fight.

1v1 Battle Arena Game
Become the trainer of a team of up to 4 Bot's in this Turn-Based 1 VS 1 stand-alone Bluetooth powered game. Create a new Bot and challenge a friend to Battle you locally. There is no need for a Wifi or Data connection to play the game. Each Player device connects to the other via Bluetooth and you will be taken to the Battle Arena where you Battle to see who is victorious. When you win the level, you Gain XP, earn Credits, and level your Bot up through Battling with Friends and Family.

Unlock Cool New Bot Fight Goodies
The bot wars game comes with 7 different Casing (skins) options for you to choose from, so pick your favorite color scheme and get into the bot fight 1v1 battle arena. There is an In-Game store where you can purchase variant Casings, Software, Hardware, and Physical Upgrades for your Bot. There is 1 Equip slot available for low-level minibots that you can use to Equip with an upgrade Chip or any other item for your fighter robot.

Store items are purchased using in-game credits, there will NEVER be any In-App purchases or Pay-To-Play associated with this game.

Features of Bluetooth Bot Battles – Turn Based Robot Fighting
• Simple and easy to play Bluetooth games UI/UX
• Connect over Bluetooth to play battle bot fight against opponents
• Shoot the opponent mini bots in 1v1 battle arena to win battle bot
• Unlock new bot fight skins and ammo to upgrade robot fighter
• Win the offline multiplayer levels and gain XPs
• Spend the offline multiplayer rewards to unlock new powerups

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Update V4.0
New: Attacks, AI fighting Styles, Items, Tutorials, Loading Screen, Music, stats panel, prize wheel, particle effects, battle mechanics, balanced attacks, name variants, rematch option, Barcode scanner for creating new Bots
Virtual Pet Interaction!

Challenge your Family and Friends and have a fun time!
The working range is limited to the power of your device's Bluetooth transmitter. Download and play Bluetooth Bot Battles – Turn Based Robot Fighting today!

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download icon Download (82.7MB)
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