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Chess Clock apk game v1.2.0 for android

1.2.0 for Android
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Chess Clock screenshot image
Chess Clock screenshot image
Chess Clock screenshot image
Chess Clock screenshot image
Chess Clock screenshot image

The description of Chess Clock

Replace your chess clock with this free game timer! It's easy to use, yet fully featured to handle any time control. 100% free: no in-app purchases, no ads!

Choose your time control and you're ready to play. The 2nd player presses her button to start the 1st player's clock - and the game is on!

- Large, easy-to-read buttons
- Works in landscape and portrait on all devices
- Quickly customize the app for one-tap access to all your favorite time controls
- Time controls include base minutes per player and optional per-move delays or bonus time. The app supports both Fischer and Bronstein increments, as well as simple delays. The duration is up to you!
- Supports multiple-stage time controls commonly seen in tournaments, such as "40 moves in 2 hours + game in 60 minutes." A glance at the clock shows your current stage!
- Clock pauses automatically if the app is interrupted; manually pause the clock at any time
- Pleasant sounds for buttons and "time's up" alert

At, we really do love chess, and *sometimes* we even play it offline! For times like that, we created this clock - and we hope you love it as much as we do. more

Chess Clock 1.2.0 Update

Hey, chess-lovers! The best clock app for your over-the-board games just got even better, with more fun features and a polished new look!
- Brand new, more usable interface for clock and settings!
- Toggle clock sounds as you play
- Customize your button colors!
- Try something new? Pick from a variety of new time-control presets!
We hope you love this update. If so, please consider giving it a fresh rating or review. It really helps! Thank you - and enjoy your chess. more

Additional Information

Category:  Puzzle
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  17/12/2022
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