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Craft GO! Crafting & Building
Craft GO! Crafting &

Craft GO! Crafting & Building apk game v2.0.0 for android

2.0.0 for Android
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GAME details
Craft GO! Crafting & Building screenshot image
Craft GO! Crafting & Building screenshot image
Craft GO! Crafting & Building screenshot image
Craft GO! Crafting & Building screenshot image
Craft GO! Crafting & Building screenshot image
The description of Craft GO! Crafting & Building
Craft GO! Crafting & Building

Craft Go! is an advanced level of Mastercraft. Building blocks starts from the moment you become a Craftsman. Improved Crafting and Building Ability, Makes you a Mastercraft.

The Story of CraftGo Master Build Craft
Sistercraft is the teacher of the Mastercraft from Mistercraft. Crafting and building skills have been mastered since becoming a Craftsman. Challenges in Creative and Survival make him a Mastercraft. MiniCraft's building abilities make him a Mistercraft.

Build a MiniCraft city out of blocks
The basic level in building is to be a craftsman. Craft from blocks into a mini city.

Exploring the Block World
Explore the block world at your own pace. Use existing blocks to build villages and farms. Find cute animals as you explore the city of MiniCraft.

Creative Mode is so much fun
In creative mode, you can craft and build as you wish, because there is no limit to the use of blocks. Use all available items and blocks to create a Mini Craft world and a craftsman city. No block and item limits will let you practice as a Mastercraft.

Challenges in survival mode
You will find the world of lokicraft in survival mode. Zombies and loki will come at night. The world of lokicraft will be very scary, but you don't need to be afraid. Use all available resources to defend your MiniCraft city. Explore the surrounding area to find new resources with the help of Craftsman, Villager and Mastercraft.

Invite Your Friends to Play Together
Play with your friends to build a MiniCraft city. Or you can compete crafting and building skills by building each other's lokicraft and kawaii worlds.

In the game Craft GO! Crafting & Building you will be able to:
- Crafting and Building with colorful blocks
- Items for building a MiniCraft Town
- Survival mode in Lokicraft world
- Creative Mode for your fun like creating kawaii world
- You will find cute animals and plants
- Discover the underwater world

Prepare yourself to play Craft GO! Crafting & Building.
Happy Crafting and Building. Let's go!! more
Craft GO! Crafting & Building 2.0.0 Update
On This Update :
- Fix lagging on 64bit device
- Reduce texture size for improvement framerate
- Shader still best
- Minor Bug Fixed more
Additional Information
Category:  Adventure
Publisher:  Sistercraft
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  21/10/2022
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