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3.08 for Android
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The description of eZee Forms

EzeeForm Application
Creating dynamic forms (from portal) with the use of Own hierarchy

We can create the first Group and Subgroup respective to your hierarchy

We can create some kind of survey form
1. Customer/ Employee Satisfaction Form,
2. Contact form,
3. Customer feedback form,
4. General Meeting, program, website, Seminar Feedback Survey
5. Job application
6. membership form
7. Instructor Feedback Form
8. Course feedback form
9. Product order form and so on.

Features are as follows
1. We can create our forms for 6 specific categories like Office, Staff, Beneficiary, Public, None, and global public.
2. We can validate your forms
3. We can also decide which person to fill in the forms and how often.
4. We also decide whether the form we create will be limited to our own group.
5. You can also decide which level of the person to edit/update your created form with.
6. We may allow this form to be downloaded publicly.
7. We can also decide if a person fills out the form and his / her senior should know his / her notification.
8. We can also make payment for the form and So on

1. Form/Survey Reporting
Creating surveys/forms using a variety of methods commonly used to collect responses.
In our form, you can
(i) Control the level of access to your form so that respondents can see your results.
(ii) Whether they are allowed to give multiple answers
(iii) whether the questions are mandatory

2. Default field Type
There are predefined field types suitable for reducing your workload, including 37 field types

3. Preview Forms
a) Before you publish your form, you can see what your form looks like when you share it with them, so you can correct any changes you may need.
b) We offer you this feature for the error-free form.

4. Offline Form Submission
a) Native Form submit allows you to save your forms offline without the internet.
b) When you access the Internet, you can submit your form with just one click on that saved form.

5. Notification
a) Be promptly notified of your response when your respondent clicks the submit button.
b) Direct notification enables you to update in real-time. You can also get summary results with those newly arrived reactions.

6. Summarized responses
A summary of your responses will be shown on a real-time basis. Reports are generated as soon as responses are submitted. Get instant error-free results for your surveys.

7. Export your records
You can export your Forms results as Excel and PDF

8. Edit -
a) If you need to change anything in your form, for example, if the selected field is not suitable for your form, you can immediately edit your form and change whatever you want to change.
b) Most importantly, having it will not affect your already compiled reactions. You can edit your form anytime without fear.

9. Deactive Survey Form -
a) You can stop circulating your form at any time to control your survey results, and reopen it to your respondents as needed. Your form is almost 100% under your control.
b) You can disable your survey if you take the desired number of results after receiving the desired number of responses.

10. Auto-filled Registration Details - Our Auto-filled feature will remind you of your previously generated Registration, so when you type the same mobile number and click the sync button, the system will automatically suggest your old Registration details for auto-completion. So repetition will be so easy for you. more
eZee Forms 3.08 Update
Bug Fixes more
Additional Information
Category:  Productivity
Publisher:  Abhinav IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  22/11/2022
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