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Flying Fire Dragon Simulator
Flying Fire Dragon

Flying Fire Dragon Simulator apk game v1.8 for android

1.8 for Android
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Flying Fire Dragon Simulator screenshot image
Flying Fire Dragon Simulator screenshot image
Flying Fire Dragon Simulator screenshot image
Flying Fire Dragon Simulator screenshot image
Flying Fire Dragon Simulator screenshot image

The description of Flying Fire Dragon Simulator

In the new "Dragon Simulator - How to train your flying dragon", you can take command of a massive dragon! Decide which dragon you want to be. Use the destructive power of fire, ice, nature, or air to your advantage. The most powerful and terrifying predators cannot compete with a dragon in terms of strength. The dragon is capable of confronting an entire town of people. Your dragon will be attacked by the bravest of humans. The dragon, on the other hand, can quickly defeat his enemies and destroy their houses and fortifications with the help of his breath and massive tail. The dragon will also face more formidable foes such as huge golems, trolls, demons, and other creatures. The dragon will grow stronger and stronger over time. As the dragon matures, it will form its own clan of dragons and its den.

We will provide you with multiple arenas in Dragon Simulator - How to train your flying dragon, Game where you can train your dragon and begin fighting with other flying dragons. In this Dragon Simulator - How to train your flying dragon, we will provide you with addictive game-play controls as well as the best animations and cut-scenes of fire flying dragons to give you an immersive experience. Customize your fire flying dragon simulator from the menu and begin ruling over the city as a king in this new dragon game. Multiple tasks to complete in this fire flying dragon simulator battle of real dragons training instructor and prepare them for the big fight.

Features of Dragon Simulator - How to train your flying dragon
🐉 Be the helping hand of the cute little dragon by growing them into power warriors
🐉 In this new dragon game • Build the home, breed, and take care of them as a pet dragon trainer
🐉 Accomplish your assigned tasks as a trainer in the super dragon simulator

Dragon Simulator 3D- Flying Dragon Adventure train your dragon and hunt! is a new dragon flying game. Enjoy the flight of a real and wild dragons. Unlock new dragons & wyvern.

There are fifteen levels in this game. In each level, use your dragon-riding and flying skills to collect checkpoints and hidden stars. Collecting at least two stars is compulsory for completing the level. There is also an open-world mode for training and mastering the dragon flight. By completing quests, you can earn gold and swords as a reward.


Dragon Simulator 3D- Flying Dragon Adventure train your dragon and hunt!, new game 2021! The top & best Dragon simulator is here. Dragon Simulator is a game for those how likes to play simulation games of superhero giant monster animals for real pleasure. In this flying dragon game, you don’t have to dragon race like other free dragon games 2021. In this ultimate fire dragon game, you enjoy many simulation experiences in one complete package. Control your destiny as you become a dragon master and live the life of an angry dragon as a Flight dragon in a castle simulator. Explore battle, conquer and rule the skies with your dragon in this epic dragon caves, new game 2020. This beautiful Super hero flying dragon game has combine power of strength and fire power. This flying dragon simulator 2021 is one of the best dragons attack games with advance dragon fly controls and ultimate dragon hunting missions. Now you can play the fire dragon games without internet at any place. So download this free dragon game 2019 and have fun while riding a real dragon simulator. 
Take your Mighty dragon up in the high skies, rain the fire from breathing fire dragon and destroy castles & villages. Take Control of the Jurassic monster and be a wild angry Dragon to attack other animals and humans. Just like animal simulator games, best dragon simulator game has all the unique and astonishing game features which you are willing to play.

Download now and Play this amazing dragon adventure. more

Flying Fire Dragon Simulator 1.8 Update

Bug Fixes more

Additional Information

Category:  Adventure
Publisher:  MEAK Gaming
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  22/11/2022
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