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Games for Kids:Super DuDu Kids
Games for Kids:Super DuDu

Games for Kids:Super DuDu Kids apk game v1.9.02 for android

1.9.02 for Android
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Games for Kids:Super DuDu Kids screenshot image
Games for Kids:Super DuDu Kids screenshot image
Games for Kids:Super DuDu Kids screenshot image
Games for Kids:Super DuDu Kids screenshot image
Games for Kids:Super DuDu Kids screenshot image

The description of Games for Kids:Super DuDu Kids

Super DuDu Kids is a software that children love very much, including classic nursery rhymes story cartoons and baby puzzle learning skills. It covers numbers, colors, graphics, text, music and other fields. It is inspired by different scenes and stories. Children's interest in recognizing new things, broaden their horizons, and stimulate their infinite potential.

Happy childhood, accompany growing up!

【Cultivation of interest in art painting】
Cultivating interest in dance and painting, professional children's dance teachers, let children easily learn children's songs and dances, and also achieve the purpose of physical fitness! Rich simple strokes tutorials, just a few simple strokes to outline a complete graphic frame, and then fill in your favorite colors, which can not only temper children's patience but also cultivate children's aesthetic collocation ability.

【Classic Stories of Chinese Studies】
The three-character classic of ancient poems and idioms, as well as a wealth of short stories about Chinese studies, not only let children understand traditional Chinese culture, but also teach children to be civilized and understand etiquette.

【A good helper for intellectual development】
An interesting pinyin literacy adventure, logical thinking brainstorming, cultivate the baby's divergent thinking from an early age, and fully develop the baby's intelligence! Lively and interesting English nursery rhymes and cartoons, let the baby understand foreign cultures and broaden their horizons.

【Parent-child interaction accompanies growth】
Carefully created by the Duoduo team, rich parent-child interaction scenes: role-playing, cognitive encyclopedia, leisure puzzle, thinking expansion, artistic creation, in various forms, through different scenes and stories to stimulate children's interest in cognition of new things.

【Nursing Song Animation Bedtime Story】
There are a lot of animation video resources of children's songs and stories, which enrich the baby's vision and cognitive world. Nursery songs series of cartoons carefully selected and produced by Nursery Duoduo team, rich audio-visual experience, a perfect coaxing artifact for cute babies!
It also includes a large number of popular genuine cartoons that babies love: Peppa Pig, Paws, Flying Dog MOCO, Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, Unlucky Bear, Super Flying Man, Shuke and Beta, Coco Xiaoai, Undersea Column, Ricky Babies, Taiyou and Cute Chicken Team... etc., many animation stars that children love are gathered here, and the cute and funny cartoon characters accompany the baby to spend a happy childhood together! more

Games for Kids:Super DuDu Kids 1.9.02 Update



儿歌多多出品,让孩子的童年更加快乐! more

Additional Information

Category:  Education
Publisher:  DuDu Kids
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  15/11/2022
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