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Hero Massoud – Shooting Action(AD Remove-Free Rewards)
Hero Massoud – Shooting Action<span>(AD Remove-Free Rewards)</span>

Hero Massoud – Shooting Action Mod apk game v0.1(AD Remove-Free Rewards) for android

0.1 for Android
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Hero Massoud – Shooting Action<span>(AD Remove-Free Rewards)</span> screenshot image
Hero Massoud – Shooting Action<span>(AD Remove-Free Rewards)</span> screenshot image
Hero Massoud – Shooting Action<span>(AD Remove-Free Rewards)</span> screenshot image
Hero Massoud – Shooting Action<span>(AD Remove-Free Rewards)</span> screenshot image
Hero Massoud – Shooting Action<span>(AD Remove-Free Rewards)</span> screenshot image

The description of Hero Massoud – Shooting Action(AD Remove-Free Rewards)

Terrorists have attacked, and the land is screaming in agony. Become a counter-terrorist shooter to destroy gunners that have affected the living. Unleash your shooting skills and play the role of real-life Hero Ahmad Shah Massoud to stand against terrorists in intense missions.

Hero Massoud shooter is an addictive FPS shooting game that gives you goosebumps. Showcase your courage and bravery to counter terrorist attacks from everywhere. There are many intensive missions and maps waiting for you to explore in the anti-terrorism shooting game. However, you can use powerful weapons to knock down enemies of peace.

Action shooting game has a realistic environment and dynamic interface that keep your interest alive during a long-lasting gameplay experience. Lead your FPS army shooter through different territories. Keep progressing to advance your tactics for counter-strike to terrorist attacks.

We have developed this anti-terrorist FPS shooting game to give tribute to Ahmad Shah Massoud, who was a real character. He fought hard against gangsters to make the land smile with freedom. Many areas were attacked by the terrorist strike and he was a solo terrorist counter-shooter who stood against them.

Hold your nerves and shoot the enemies to win the battle against terrorists!
Move your character wisely around the map
Watch out for terrorists and attack them
Explore maps and use different weapons
Sprint to save your hero from a terrorist attack
Keep an eye on the remaining health of the hero
Complete missions to become a counter shooter

== Action Shooting Game
Hero Massoud shooter is an action-packed shooting action game that gives you space to exert your anger. A unique storyline with a real character boosts the energy of counter-terrorist games. However, this gun shooting game improves your concentration and reflexes. Grab your gun and shoot all terrorists.

== Counter-Strike
Terrorists attack different areas to spread terror around the people. Being a super army hero, your duty is to find and destroy them. Use high-profile modern weapons to bash enemies and come out from their traps. Your main mission is terrorist counterstrike. Take your position, aim, and fire!

== Multiple Missions
This terrorist combat game has a ton of anti-terrorist missions that become super intensive when you get surrounded by enemies. Track the movement of terrorists, reach there, and knock them down. Complete the initial level to move forward to the next ones.

== Different Maps
Hero Massoud shooting game has 20 different maps that come with different environments to keep you engaged. Navigate your position and enemies’ location to enjoy perfect terrorist combat. Explore realistic places and fight against their dark sides.
== Powerful Weapons
There are 7 different deadly weapons that help you empower your hero against enemies. Unlock modern weapons to develop your acquisition. Move into the weapon store to find new weapons for terrorist war. You will find guns, rifles, grenades, and much more.

== Intuitive Controls
Anti-terrorism shooting game has simple controls to guide your character throughout the gameplay. Drag on the handle to move the hero and tap the weapon button to use your current weapon. Use the gun scope option to shoot accurately from a distance.

== Enjoy With Friends
Playing 3D shooting action games with friends always doubles the fun. There are many addictive missions that you can enjoy with friends. Complete the most challenging missions with your peers or siblings.

Interactive and user-centric interface
High-resolution and vibrant graphics
Different maps with realistic environment
Unique storyline with reality-based character
3D FPS shooting game with multiple missions
High-level weapons to destroy terrorists
Dense background music and sound effects
Action-packed anti-terrorism shooting game

Play FPS counter-terrorist attack game to enjoy your minutes and hours! more

Additional Information

Category:  Shooting
Publisher:  Florenz Media
Requirements:  Android 5.1+
Publish Date:  06/01/2023
Get It On:  google play
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