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HORROR TRAIN<span>(No Ads)</span>

HORROR TRAIN Mod apk game v1.4(No Ads) for android

1.4 for Android
Updated on Wed Feb 15 15:34:11 CST 2023
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Additional Information

Mod Features:   No Ads
Package Name:   com.ammonite.horrortrain
Size:   310.0MB
Publish Date:   Wed Feb 15 15:34:11 CST 2023
More Informatio:   Goolge Links

The description of HORROR TRAIN(No Ads)

Horror Train No Ads​ is a mobile game that combines first-person shooter and train simulator gameplay with survival horror elements. Players must navigate a post-apocalyptic landscape aboard a steam train, while being pursued by a terrifying spider-like train that hunts them down. The game features a huge open-world map, where players can explore and scavenge for scrap metal to upgrade their train and weaponry.

Game Features:

First Person and Train Simulator Gameplay: Players take on the role of the train's engineer and must control the train as well as fight off attacks from the pursuing spider train.

Survival Horror Action: The game is filled with horror elements that create a tense and creepy atmosphere, such as eerie sound effects, dark environments, and jump scares.

Huge Open World Map: The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic landscape that players can explore and scavenge for resources.

Terrifying Choo Choo Steam Spider Train Hunting You: Players must stay ahead of the spider train and avoid its attacks while also fighting back with rockets.

Shoot Rockets at the Evil Train: The train is armed with a rocket launcher, which players can use to defend themselves and attack the spider train.

Upgrade Your Train and Weaponry: Scrap metal can be collected throughout the game to upgrade the train's engine, weapons, and armor, making it easier to fend off the spider train and survive.

Game Guide:

Controls: The game uses a dual stick control scheme, with one joystick controlling the train's movement and the other controlling the player's aim. Players can also swipe the screen to change camera angles.

Gameplay: Players must navigate the open world map and collect scrap metal to upgrade their train and weaponry, while avoiding or attacking the spider train. The game is filled with horror elements, including jump scares, eerie environments, and creepy sound effects, which create a tense atmosphere.

Upgrades: Players can use scrap metal to upgrade their train's engine, weapons, and armor. Upgrading the train's speed and armor can make it easier to evade the spider train, while upgrading the weapons can help players to fend off its attacks.

Tips: The game is all about survival, so it is important to keep the train moving, collect as much scrap metal as possible, and upgrade the train and weapons to make them more effective against the spider train. Be prepared for sudden attacks and jump scares, and stay alert at all times.

download icon Download (310.0MB)
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