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House of Fear: Exit Room Game(No ads)
House of Fear: Exit Room Game<span>(No ads)</span>

House of Fear: Exit Room Game Mod apk game v1.1.2(No ads) for android

1.1.2 for Android
Updated on Tue Aug 08 17:03:49 CST 2023
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Additional Information

Mod Features:   No ads
Package Name:   com.hyphae.escapehouse
Size:   63.5MB
Publish Date:   Tue Aug 08 17:03:49 CST 2023
More Informatio:   Goolge Links

The description of House of Fear: Exit Room Game(No ads)

Your car broke down and you suddenly found yourself in a state of increased forest density. There was a scary house next to you. The main quest of the game "House of Horrors" is to provide the hero with help with solving puzzles and finding hidden things that lurk in this scary mystical house. The first step is to solve the problem with the fall in the house of horrors. Gloomy closed doors exist impregnable, and it is not known what secrets the scary house holds. Perhaps you will look for a way out of the room when you are behind a closed closed door. The main thing here is not to get confused and not to forget about finding the objects necessary for repair. The hut of this forest is shrouded in mysticism and mystery, can cause fear in unprepared players. Behind the loading cellar closed doors is a hidden underground bunker. It stores many hidden items, including those useful for car repairs, as well as hidden keys. Will you be able to find all the hidden objects to choose from? When the first puzzle with the entrance to the room of fear is solved, you will get a discovery puzzle in the bunker, which will arise from the detection of closed doors. Several paths will be available to you, each of which will need to be tracked and understood. Some rooms will need to pick up items, and some items will need to be used. Various people before you discovered the escape from this bunker, but no one succeeded. They hid many clues and escape objects behind closed doors. To complete the game, you will need to find all the hidden items and keys. It will evolve, as you will find a dense atmosphere saturated with fear, mystics and horror films.

In this adventure you have to solve riddles, search for keys and objects, open closed doors and try to escape unnoticed. Escape this adventure and choose from the scary house will not be easy. Here you can use logic, ingenuity and attentiveness to find all the hidden objects, get out of every room and be free. Finding a way out here is a real adventure and a puzzle with solutions.

🔑 Escape room game about scary house
🔑 Unusual puzzles and riddles
🔑 Many rooms and closed doors open to
🔑 Scary atmosphere of house of fear and hidden underground bunker
🔑 Creepy rooms with hidden objects, keys and locked doors
🔑 Interesting adventure with a detective story
🔑 Hints and realistic gameplay
🔑 The adventure is completely in English
🔑 Can be played offline

In this puzzle game that combines horror house escape, adventure and puzzle, you need to find a way out using your mind and logic. The quest will appeal to everyone who likes to open doors, complete quests and find a way out of the room. Use logic to solve puzzles, look for objects, clues and clues, open locked doors. This mystical puzzle game about escaping from a scary, bunker-like house will be a real challenge for connoisseurs of the "Escape Room" genre, and the search for an exit will please you with interesting solutions.

Our adventure about escaping from a horror house without the internet is fully translated into English.
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