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Kawaii Craft World 3D
Kawaii Craft World

Kawaii Craft World 3D apk game v1.0 for android

1.0 for Android
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GAME details
Kawaii Craft World 3D screenshot image
Kawaii Craft World 3D screenshot image
Kawaii Craft World 3D screenshot image

The description of Kawaii Craft World 3D

Kawaii Craft World 3D APK​ is a pixel world simulation game, the gameplay content in the game is full of creativity, here you can build your own castle, all kinds of buildings can be created by you, all the gameplay is very fun, share your own fun, Just choose what you like, and then choose a fashion match, which is very fun and not boring.

Game Features

1. The pixel world is very creative here, you can play freely and enjoy the time here.

2. If you want to build a castle by yourself, it is also feasible. There are a lot of information here, so collect it yourself.

3. There will be great music playing when you enter the game. Playing here will not make you feel bored, but will make you feel better.

Game highlights

1. If you feel bored while resting, it is a good choice. Playing games here will make you forget all your troubles;

2. Other players are present, interaction is indispensable, and sharing each other's fun can make the game more interesting;

3. The shopping mall here is also very complete, there are many props, if necessary, you can exchange some with gold coins.

Game advantage

1. A game that novices can join, even if they don't do tasks here, they can play for a long time, because the map is super big.

2. So many character shapes are very interesting. When you are creating, you only need to choose the one you like, and then choose a fashion match;

3. There are so many tasks that you can't play, just choose the one you want to participate in, and it will be more enjoyable to play.

Game instructions

kawaii craft 2 is an extremely free mini-game, the picture presented here will be a pixel style scene,

Compared with everyone else, this kind of picture will not feel strange, and it is easy to integrate. There are various modes, and playing here will not be boring.

You can choose to explore the map or complete some tasks. It is a very useful mini-game that can be mastered in a while. It is very fun and fun. more

Kawaii Craft World 3D 1.0 Update

*fix bugs more

Additional Information

Category:  Adventure
Publisher:  Master Craft Block Survival Co.Ltd
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  15/11/2022
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