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Kingdoms Master apk game v1.0.13 for android

1.0.13 for Android
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Kingdoms Master screenshot image
Kingdoms Master screenshot image
Kingdoms Master screenshot image
Kingdoms Master screenshot image
Kingdoms Master screenshot image

The description of Kingdoms Master

Kingdoms Master, the battlefield of the brave Challenge the number 1 in the legend of the Three Kingdoms. It is a turn-based RPG mobile game with a plot based on the legend of the three kingdoms well known to players. Within the game there are various systems. Plenty for players to enjoy and enjoy playing. Along with adding the Ant Privilege system into the game In keeping with the company's concept of "the more you play, the more you earn", opening up a whole new world of gaming, not just gaming.

★ Army of characters from the legendary 3 Kingdoms ★
In the game Kingdoms Master, players will meet various characters from the legend of the 3 kingdoms, more than 100 characters, including Cao Cao, Liu Pi, Sun Guan, Guan Yu, Zhao Long, Lipo, who come together with spectacular skills and body styles. fantasy game Suitable for players of all ages Full of Thai dubbing voices with a quality team Makes players easy to access the characters and get into the game in the theme of the 3 kingdoms perfectly.

★ Chain Combo system, super fun like no other ★
The fighting style in Kingdoms Master will combine the Chain Combo system into the battle. Players can organize armies to perform special combos. Continuously attack enemies with the use of epic skills. Make playing fun and fun with the formation and skill combinations of each warlord to create new combos.

★ Freely form troops ★
The formation and position of various officers in the clan can be done independently. Players can bring other favorite characters to replace the main character's position (normal turn-based games will not be able to do this). You can also upgrade to increase the ability to raise the army to be stronger. with the freedom to organize an army that is more special than general Turn-Based games

★ Enjoy various upgrade system ★
Players can upgrade many characters and equipment. The game has a variety of upgrade systems, such as character upgrades, equipment upgrades, skill upgrades, accessories upgrades, rank and rank upgrades. including adding various abilities to the equipment by inserting "runes", making the game more diverse in playing lines

★ Strengthen your army with a relationship system ★
Players can bring unused generals to ties with warlords in the clan. to increase the stats and abilities for that general The more closely the planning and organization of the army, the more closely related. It will increase the stats and abilities exponentially for the army. There's also the freedom to manage relationships and make adjustments freely.

★ Make high-level items with Life Skills ★
It is a system that allows players to enjoy finding various materials. to create rare items and runes which can't be found anywhere And in addition, in the Life Skill map there are various bosses. Let's hunt to get items. or even enemies who are players with themselves Anyone who likes fighting and PK can come and fight in this map.

★ Play to Earn, the more you play, the more you earn ★
Players will experience the novelty of playing the game according to the concept of "the more you play, the more you earn" by playing to collect AGW Points from playing games, participating in various activities and events to redeem many rewards.

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Kingdoms Master 1.0.13 Update

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Additional Information

Category:  Strategy
Publisher:  Ant Games World
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  29/11/2022
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