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Linea(Unlock all levels)
Linea<span>(Unlock all levels)</span>

Linea Mod apk game v1.0.1(Unlock all levels) for android

1.0.1 for Android
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Linea<span>(Unlock all levels)</span> screenshot image
Linea<span>(Unlock all levels)</span> screenshot image
Linea<span>(Unlock all levels)</span> screenshot image
Linea<span>(Unlock all levels)</span> screenshot image
Linea<span>(Unlock all levels)</span> screenshot image

The description of Linea(Unlock all levels)

Linea is a storyline puzzle game where you help the characters by drawing lines to the end of the light path. Use Linea to: ● Relieve stress and relax ● Discover interesting characters ● Enjoy a beautifully designed world ● Immerse yourself in a fun story ● Challenge yourself to enjoy LINEA's story Linea is a beautiful game of discovery where story meets puzzles One. Follow the flow of light and help each character live their own unique story. Every puzzle you complete opens up a new line of dialogue and the story moves forward. Each new story is completely different from the last, with its own locations, characters and dialogue to explore. Join us as we explore this series of challenging short puzzle stories. Addictive mobile game The player must draw a line of rays and connect all the pieces of the puzzle together. It might sound simple, but as you progress further and add extra goals, this quickly becomes a challenging game that gives you a sense of accomplishment! The setting is so cute and minimal, you'll love solving the characters' puzzles and stories. Beautiful atmosphere and music will run through the whole game. Sit back, put on your headphones, and enjoy the wonderful world we've created. LINEA AMAZING CHARACTERS Each short story will have some unique characters for you to meet. Your goal is to help them progress through the story by solving all puzzles. Once the story is complete, jump straight into a new story with brand new characters and dialogue. Each story may be short, but they take you on an emotional journey of excitement, adventure, love and loss. Fireflies and Secrets During your journey, you'll find fireflies scattered throughout the puzzles you complete. Collecting these fireflies during the game will reward you with special collectibles. Each collection comes in the form of photos of different places you've been to before. As you collect more fireflies, more and more secrets will be revealed in these collected photos. If you manage to collect all the fireflies in the game, you'll have a whole bunch of finds to show off. Why do you want to play LINEA? Come join these charming little characters and challenge yourself along the way. These worlds are full of interesting stories, discoveries and secrets waiting for you to explore! Enjoy this new game from Infinity Games, the streamlined and easy gaming specialist! We look forward to bringing you more and more features in future updates. Check us out: more

Additional Information

Category:  Education
Publisher:  海王星工作室
Requirements:  Android 5.1+
Publish Date:  20/02/2023
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