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LogiBrain Tende e Alberi
LogiBrain Tende e

LogiBrain Tende e Alberi apk game v1.1.11 for android

1.1.11 for Android
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GAME details
LogiBrain Tende e Alberi screenshot image
LogiBrain Tende e Alberi screenshot image
LogiBrain Tende e Alberi screenshot image
LogiBrain Tende e Alberi screenshot image
LogiBrain Tende e Alberi screenshot image

The description of LogiBrain Tende e Alberi

If you like logic puzzles games then LogiBrain Tents and Trees will be exactly what you need! It will crack your mind when solving the puzzles.

Your task is to place tents next to the trees. It's not that hard!
The numbers around the grid indicate how many tents must be placed on each row and column.
Tents can't touch each other.
Do it as fast as possible! All levels can be solved with logical reasoning. No guessing needed!

Can you find all the tents, all of which are attached to trees? Each tent is attached to one tree (so there are exactly as many tents as trees).
The numbers around the sides of the grid tell you how many tents appear in each row and column.
A tent can only be found horizontally or vertically adjacent to a tree, and tents are never adjacent to each other, neither vertically, horizontally, nor diagonally. However, a tent may be adjacent to other trees as well as its own. A tree might be next to two tents but is only connected to one.
Each puzzle has exactly one solution, which can be found using logic alone and no guesses are ever required. If you think you've found another solution, then please double-check the rules.

- 2 difficulty levels (1 star is easy, 2 stars are hard)
- Different puzzle sizes (8x8, 12x12, 16x16)
- 2000+ puzzles to solve (no hidden in-app purchases, all puzzles are free)
- The game works without Wi-Fi and Internet. You can solve the puzzles offline anywhere
- Search for errors and highlight them
- Automatic saving, start the puzzles and complete them later
- Supports tablets
- Check for errors and remove them
- Get a hint or the complete solution whenever you want
- Go steps back and forth
- A great workout for your mind

Enjoy solving the mind-cracking Tents and Trees puzzles.
You can play this game offline, no Wi-Fi or Internet is required.

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LogiBrain Tende e Alberi 1.1.11 Update

We release updates regularly, so don't forget to download the latest version! These updates include bug fixes and improvements to enhance the game experience and performance.

If you experience any problems using the app, please don't hesitate to contact us. Usually, we can resolve the problem within a couple of days. Please send any bug reports (including screenshots) to [email protected] more

Additional Information

Category:  Puzzle
Publisher:  Pijappi
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  18/11/2022
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