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LOVEREC.スマホ版 apk game v1.02 for android

1.02 for Android
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GAME details
LOVEREC.スマホ版 screenshot image
LOVEREC.スマホ版 screenshot image
LOVEREC.スマホ版 screenshot image
LOVEREC.スマホ版 screenshot image
LOVEREC.スマホ版 screenshot image

The description of LOVEREC.スマホ版

The dating adventure game that wins the beautiful girl game award pure love work award is now on the mobile app version.
The hero is running, and he's about to start a video gathering party for "shooting a work to make people smile".
Such a spirit, Hitomi, who stays in his favorite camera, has many miracles!
This is a pure love school adventure where you build your bond with choices of heroines who will help you shoot.

■■■ Overview ■■■
This game is a romance adventure game (Beautiful Girl Game Galgame).
You can play through the middle of the story for free.
Unlocking Scenarios will allow you to play all the scenarios in the main story until the end.

Genre: Dating Adventure Game
Voice: Available
Required storage free space: About 1.62GB

Scenarios unlock key price is $ 1,172 (including tax).
※ No other purchases.

■■■ STORY ■■■
End of April with cherry blossoms scattered.
The story starts from a small school, in a quiet city with sea views nearby.

Camera-spunky young man "Yasayo Asahi" who spins video cameras even in their meals.
He is able to
Join our caring childhood friend'Chiho Hoshinaga',
Video gathering gang   known that we were about to launch a game known as “moving party”.

However, the youngest genius director "Michiki Shirasawa", who belongs to Eiken's old assault house, is very against.
You compete in the competition at the school secret notice, and if you win the PI, you'll get conditions to approve the press competition.

Asahi has been rushing to gather members, but no one has gathered, and the deadlines are approaching, and you're lost.
At this time, a mysterious light appeared from your favorite video camera, and a little girl appeared.

"I'm the spirit of the camera. I'll give my master blessing --"

Carefree camera spirit "Hitomi".
Video editing professional "Ninja Pear" continues to go to school.
The new encounters with them will make a huge change in the environment surrounding them.

I wonder what I build for what.
How do I love people?
I wonder why I was over there...

Annoyed, angry, laughing and crying.

Sending your plain youth,
Boys and girls face their hearts, and gradually move forward —

※ Content will be arranged for all ages. Please note that the content is different from the original work.

copyright: (C)ALcot more

LOVEREC.スマホ版 1.02 Update

Ver. 1.02
Android SDKおよびLibraryの更新

Ver. 1.01
その他不具合の修正 more

Additional Information

Category:  Adventure
Publisher:  alliance
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  21/11/2022
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