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Luna Mobile: The Moon Country
Luna Mobile: The Moon

Luna Mobile: The Moon Country apk game v1.2.0 for android

1.2.0 for Android
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GAME details
Luna Mobile: The Moon Country screenshot image
Luna Mobile: The Moon Country screenshot image
Luna Mobile: The Moon Country screenshot image
Luna Mobile: The Moon Country screenshot image
Luna Mobile: The Moon Country screenshot image
The description of Luna Mobile: The Moon Country
LUNA Mobile is a giant MMORPG mobile game with spectacular visual, light and sound effects, such as a high mountain peak covered with clouds. green grass full of flowers sky full of clouds The courtyards and ruins where evil people and beasts appear. Allowing you to experience a new world.

The visuals of the game are comfortable, the characters are cute and bright. Clothes and accessories that change depending on the character's status. Earn materials and resources to upgrade equipment, fashion outfits, and collect pets. in various play modes both exploring dungeons Climb the training tower, etc. When a player upgrades a character The battle power will grow stronger and stronger. Mount upgrade Pets and fashion outfits It will make it more eye-catching and cool. The important thing is the drop rate in the game that is huge. for players to experience more fun

1. Build the world
The world originated from chaos and was empty. After the first god Luna was born It took hundreds of millions of years to create each species. The human race is the most divine. The demon race is the one who has evil powers. Upon acknowledging the evil of the demon clan and to maintain the balance of the world Goddess Luna sent a destiny dragon. to maintain the order of the world

2. The Decline and Birth of the Indigo World
After the "dragon" destiny withered The demon clan had started a non-stop slaughter. sad goddess and to oppose the demon race therefore created the elves Elves and allies has made a fierce battle with the demon clan almost extinct
to protect the human race and end the war Delapia, the leader of the elves. gathered a large number of magic stones Prepare to build a pure floating kingdom for elves.
end of war The elves resisted one last time. to avoid extinction The ground splits into the sky. because of the sad story Therefore it is called the blue world.

3. peace
Elves survive in the blue world. but is facing a path of extinction. Delapière had the tribe wait for him to return. He then sealed his soul in a crystal orb.
time passed The gods gave the subterranean world to the demon clan. The blue world was given to other races together. thus bringing peace to the world

4. The Demon Tribe Returns
Delapia was reborn as one of the Five Demon Kings. to take back the blue world and find their own race therefore deceived four other kings and started the invasion of the blue land

The game maintains a classic storyline. Unique characters and subtle relationships Forward the adventure story And a completely new journey begins. This time, the blue world is waiting for you to protect and save! more
Luna Mobile: The Moon Country 1.2.0 Update
Bug Fixes more
Additional Information
Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  BrotherArt
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  20/10/2022
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