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Makeover Studio: Makeup Games
Makeover Studio: Makeup

Makeover Studio: Makeup Games apk game v2.9 for android

2.9 for Android
Updated on Mon Dec 19 18:09:35 CST 2022
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Additional Information

Package Name:
Size:   333.8MB
Publish Date:   Mon Dec 19 18:09:35 CST 2022

The description of Makeover Studio: Makeup Games

Makeover Studio: Makeup Games APK​ is a simulation experience mobile game developed by Stella Joy Studio to solve customer needs through makeup. Players act as makeup artists in the game, providing services for customers with different needs, helping them deal with various problems, or solving appearance fears, or attending parties, from facial care, makeup creation, accessories selection to clothing matching, etc. Carry out a full range of personality creation.

Game highlights

Makeover Studio: Makeup Games is based on different customer backgrounds and needs, and uses a complete story to let you understand the makeup that needs to be depicted. Through the skin care and makeup process with ASMR elements, create a perfect appearance for customers. Your clients range from ex-girlfriends who go to meet their ex-boyfriends, to women who are invited to parties but don't know how to dress, to people who change their appearance to win the favor of Prince Charming.

Featured Gameplay

Makeover Studio: Makeup Games adopts a simulation experience gameplay. If we say that the background prepared for each customer in the game is to give the virtual characters human characteristics. The delicate and rich makeup process is a presentation of the simulation game. Faced with dozens of different types of makeup steps, complicated and terrifying details and processes, and almost collapsed operations, it is the first time for straight male players to see women "go out for an hour and put on makeup all day." "The hard work behind it. From basic mite removal, blackhead removal, and mask application, to concealer, whitening, eyelash extension, eye shadow, eyebrow drawing, lipstick, blush, highlighter, after the treatment of the face, it is necessary to choose accessories, hairstyles, and put on Matching clothing. The whole process is really exhausting.

Screen scene

The art of Makeover Studio: Makeup Games will present a textured three-dimensional effect in the form of a beautifully crafted 2D plane. The proportions of the characters in the game are very realistic, and in terms of depicting the details of the face, almost every pixel, blackhead or spot is presented one by one. Every character is plagued by bad skin before makeup, and most of the costumes are presented in pajamas with messy hair. When the character is finished with make-up, you will see a make-up effect comparable to plastic surgery, from facial cleansing, make-up, hair accessories, accessories, and even clothing.

Game evaluation

Judging from the actual experience, the story content promoted by Makeover Studio: Makeup Games itself is not divided into many subdivisions in the game. It is only presented to the players through a short dialogue before making up the characters, and it is rarely mentioned again afterwards. and. In contrast, the makeup process for the face occupies most of the player's energy. Dozens of different operations almost combine the processes of multiple different makeup simulation experience games into one.

On the other hand, complicated and diverse processes, single operations, and repeated details make you feel cumbersome to make up, and at the same time gradually wear down the patience of players. If you are not very interested in makeup, then you may not be able to pass three levels in a row, and you will be tortured by the process and uninstalled directly.

Player recommendation

If you are a fan of makeup games, if you have strict requirements on the picture, if you like experience simulation games, then please don't miss this Makeover Studio: Makeup Games easily.

download icon Download (333.8MB)
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