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My GPS Tape Measure apk app v5.01 for android

5.01 for Android
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My GPS Tape Measure screenshot image
My GPS Tape Measure screenshot image
My GPS Tape Measure screenshot image
My GPS Tape Measure screenshot image
My GPS Tape Measure screenshot image
The description of My GPS Tape Measure

GPS Tape Measure is an app which calculates the distance from point A to point B.

It's very simply because everything what you have to do is click on the button and
saved current location.

Application wasn't created to measure small distances or using it indoor.
Also you can't complain about accuracy be-cause error of 5 meters is very common. There is no point to measure for example the size of car or your arm.

Units included:
- metric (kilometers and meters)
- imperial (miles and feet)
Allows to change variants of coordinates format during run time.

- Share your position and distance using mes-sage, social networking sites or by simple email.
- Check your position on Google Maps.
- Click and share your current coordinates via SMS
- Save your measurement and check it on google maps inside the app
- A simple tutorial will explain how to use this app
- Copy data with the push of a button
- Customize units and how coordinates are dis-played
Export or import your data from other device, even from other system
- Export your data to popular GPX and KML formats
- You can choose whether you want to work with map or plain text
- All measured segments are now visible in list at the bottom
- You can edit old measurements and adjust all segments

Latitude and longitude are displayed in one of fol-lowing format:
- DMS degrees, minutes and seconds sexgesimal
- DMM degrees and decimal minutes
- DD decimal degrees
- UTM Universal Transverse Mercator
- MGRS Military Grid Reference System more
My GPS Tape Measure 5.01 Update
- new and improved UI
- dark mode
- improved accuracy
- more customization options in settings
 - cloud synchronisation more
Additional Information
Category:  Productivity
Publisher:  Android Apps & Tools
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  16/11/2022
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