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My Young Boyfriend Otome game(Get rewarded for not watching ads)
My Young Boyfriend Otome game(Get rewarded for not watching ads)

My Young Boyfriend Otome game(Get rewarded for not watching ads) Mod apk game v1.1.420 for android

1.1.420 for Android
Updated on Sun Mar 12 15:36:09 CST 2023
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Additional Information

Mod Features:   Mod
Package Name:   com.interest.tsst
Size:   142.9MB
Publish Date:   Sun Mar 12 15:36:09 CST 2023
More Informatio:   Goolge Links

The description of My Young Boyfriend Otome game(Get rewarded for not watching ads)

In this interactive story choice game, the one in control of the romantic story is you!
You have multiple option as to how the story will go.
Become immersed in an enchanted game of your choice.
[Plot Summary]
After many failed dates you have become exhausted and decided to quit. Yet, you still yearn for someone to spend time with. Unexpectedly, you meet a man that fit your ideal type. However, it turns out he is a High School Student. What do you do?!

[Game Introduction]
An Interactive Game that is filled with sensual stories!
You will delve into the life as an administrative assistant with a gorgeous love interest by the name of Riku!
Will you be able to accept the pressure of the massive age gap that comes along with the relationship?

[Game Features]
✦ Choose your story and get caught up in our interactive series.
✦ Dress up your avatar by choosing from a wide variety of outfits.
✦ Develop unique relationships with lovable and seductive characters.
✦ Enjoy the dazzling graphics of both the characters and the backgrounds, which look like something out of a TV series.
✦ You will be able to change the clothing of yourself as well as your love Interest Riku to your liking!
✦ The game is free. But, if you pay a little, you can watch additional episodes of sweet joy with your lovely young boyfriend!
✦ We offer you a subtitle feature, so you can enjoy it in two languages ​​at the same time! This will help you get used to it and to learn another language!
Recommended for those who like games like this!
・Those who like the Boyfriend Romance game
・Those who like the Otome Romance game.
・Those who like the Otome dating game.
・Those who like the Anime Otome love story game.
EN Translation_HELP
We are looking for friends to make visual novel and otome games together!
Is there anyone who can help us improve the quality of our game by lending a hand with translations?
please contact us at th email address given below.
[email protected]
download icon Download (142.9MB)
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