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Number Match apk game v1.9.3 for android

1.9.3 for Android
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GAME details
Number Match screenshot image
Number Match screenshot image
Number Match screenshot image
Number Match screenshot image
Number Match screenshot image
The description of Number Match
The objective of Number Match is to match every number on the game board in 20 spins or less. It sounds easy - but there's a catch. You can only select a number that is immediately adjacent to a previously selected number. 

If you clear the board in less than 21 spins, you score a Completion Bonus of 1,000 points for every spin less than 21 - eg: if you clear the board in 18 spins, you score a 3,000 point bonus. You also score bonus points for clearing more than 1 number in a single turn & for completing rows, columns & diagonals.

* Customizable dot colors
* Google Play leaderboards & achievements
* On-device top 10 high scores & lowest spins list


To begin, tap the Start button at the bottom of the game board. The dots across the top of the screen will spin in random order & generate a series of 6 random numbers. The numbers on the board that match the numbers spun will be highlighted a gold color.

Tap on the first match you want to select & the board will now change the highlighting to matching numbers that are adjacent to the number you selected. Continue selecting matching numbers until you either match all the numbers spun or there are no more
matches that can be selected. The game will now automatically take your next spin (you can turn off auto-spin in the Settings screen) & again highlight the matching numbers that are valid selections.

If you matched all 6 numbers at the top, the next spin is a Bonus Spin & your spin count doesn't increment. The numbers you selected will turn red to show they are now
locked & can no longer be selected.

As you clear each number (ie: you have selected all the occurrences of a number) all dots with that number will turn green to show that number is now cleared. If you clear more than 1 number in a turn, you will score a Clearance Bonus. If all the numbers in a row,
column, or diagonal are cleared you will score a Run Bonus - & if you score more than 1 run in a turn you will get a Multi Run Bonus.

When auto-spin is enabled & a spin does not yield any matching numbers, the game will continue to take spins until there is a valid match.

If you are signed into Google Play Games Services your finishing score will be submitted to the leaderboard & there are achievements for the total number of games played, multiple runs, multiple clearances & high scores. more
Number Match 1.9.3 Update
- Android compatibility updates.
- Minor bug fixes & improvements. more
Additional Information
Category:  Strategy
Publisher:  Computersmith
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  20/10/2022
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