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Ocean Shooter apk game v1.2.6 for android

1.2.6 for Android
Updated on Tue Nov 29 18:08:28 CST 2022
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Additional Information

Package Name:   com.ocean.shooter.vs
Size:   123.8MB
Publish Date:   Tue Nov 29 18:08:28 CST 2022

The description of Ocean Shooter

The game brings exciting gameplay, numerous rewards, gorgeous forts, and tens of thousands of cannons! It also has powerfully high artillery multipliers, many powerful BOSSes, strong magnification, and loud explosives! Shoot once to make billions, blast once to get insanely rich!

【Bonus Mode】
There is an overload of non-stop exciting events throughout each season. Lots of benefits and bonuses can be earned each day in addition to the joy you get from fishing.

【Classic Mode】
Sun-lit shallows, thrilling bays, and secret treasures under the sea, each session has its own unique and rich gameplay, and it doesn't happen the same way twice.

【Entertainment Mode】
A new take on the classic mini-games. Enjoy the excitement of the unknown and dive into the mystery to earn the chance to get lots of rewards!

Game features:
1. There are numerous aquatic locations, such as the exclusive Bonus Field, the Sunny Beach, Thrilling Bay, Underwater Treasures, Mini Games Field, and much more waiting for you.
2. Earn lots of free stuff, receive non-stop daily task rewards, and get a chance to grab even more fishing bonuses.
3. The visual effects will immerse you on the fun journey and allow you to experience the magical sea world yourself.
4. Challenge your fishing skills in BOSS fights, and compete with a higher burst rate against the powerful deep-sea monsters. Immerse in a different type of fun.
5. A ton of real-life fish species for the truly authentic fishing experience.
6. Match your items and upgrade the cannons for greater joy. Big BOSSes can be destroyed when you activate frenzy mode as your shots fill up the screen.
7. Try your luck! Various rewards are waiting for you in this classic arcade game.

1. Register as a new user and receive lots of free gold coins. Log-in daily and consecutively for 7 days to get even more amazing rewards. You can fill up your trunks just overnight with the rewards from daily tasks!
2. Get extra bonuses while fishing at the Bonus Field. Lots of bonuses are waiting for you to hook 'em!
3. The game regularly launches various exciting events, and they're free to join for everyone. No matter what kind of a player you are, you'll find something that you'll enjoy!
4. Make a name for yourself on the weekly leaderboards. Earn your spot and enjoy the success, gold coins, and items for free.

Single sentence introduction:
An exciting fishing game that will make you rich in no time. Real-time draws with tens of billions of prizes.

download icon Download (123.8MB)
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