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One to

One to 50

2.0.4 for Android score
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GAME details
One to 50 screenshot image
One to 50 screenshot image
One to 50 screenshot image
One to 50 screenshot image
One to 50 screenshot image
One to 50 screenshot image
One to 50 screenshot image
The description of One to 50

One to 50 is a fun game whose numbers from 1 to 50 you need to touch as fast as you can.

Let's see if you've lost your concentration and speed response.

If you are a parent and you want to teach your kid how to count from 1to50, you can use this as a fun and competitive learning tool.

There are two modes.

The numbers mode: You need to tap the number one to 50, just FAST.

The time mode: It is a mode that gives you only 20 seconds in which you have to click as many numbers as you can!

Do you think you are fast enough for one to 50?! Come and find out!

You can sign in with your name, and then you can submit your score and you can see it and your friends will try to bypass you with the leaderboard!

In the setting, you can change the color of the app, change the animation, rename yourself, share the app and rate it.

Compete with your friends and try to beat them by tapping 1 to 50 faster than them, you can share your score with them!

There are separate score ranks and leaderboard for each Mode!

Scoring by seconds:

0 - 10 : Wow! This is not a human score.
10 - 25 : Wow! You did it. You are actually a GOD now!
25 - 40 : Damn, you are goooood. Keep going and you will be a GOD!
40 - 70 : Not good, not bad, average, just like you.
70 - 100 : Do the same but much much better!
100 - 150 : My pet turtle is faster than you!
150+ : Just like an internet explorer.

In time Mode, if you are really fast, you can reach form 1 to 100!!

In 1to50, the rules are pretty simple, touch the numbers 1 to 50 in the right order as fast as possible!

Once you tapped number 1, you can't stop! Try to get to number 50 as quickly as you can!

Download one to 50 app as long as it free.

Good luck!!! more
One to 50 2.0.4 Update
- Bug fixed more
Additional Information
Category:  Puzzle
Publisher:  Dolev Ltd.
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  11/06/2022
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