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Onward: Co-Parenting

Onward: Co-Parenting Expenses apk app v3.1.8 for android

3.1.8 for Android
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Onward: Co-Parenting Expenses screenshot image
Onward: Co-Parenting Expenses screenshot image
Onward: Co-Parenting Expenses screenshot image
Onward: Co-Parenting Expenses screenshot image
Onward: Co-Parenting Expenses screenshot image
The description of Onward: Co-Parenting Expenses

The Onward App helps co-parents track and manage shared expenses for their children. We understand how complex raising a child can be - particularly with separate finances. From tennis practice to dance lessons, the amount of expenses that fall outside of your child support agreement can become overwhelming. That's where a co-parent expense tracking app comes in to help.

The best part, the app is completely free to use with no monthly charges or transaction fees!

Onward lets you keep track of:
- What you've spent
- What they've spent
- How much is owed by each parent
- Settling up on expenses

We understand that co-parenting can be difficult, so we’ve created a one-stop child expense tracker to make things easier. With Onward, you can now avoid awkward text messages about money and easily add expenses, share them, and pay your co-parent back right from within the app!

Onward also helps you and your co-parent see what you are spending on your children to help you improve transparency and better plan for your children’s future. That means you can ditch the messy budgeting and expense spreadsheets!

We are on a mission to improve the lives of co-parents and help them build happier homes for their children. You can count on Onward to handle all expense-related communication with your co-parent so that you don't have to. Add your expenses, upload receipts and split them with your co-parent so you can both easily track your money!

Here are some features that make tracking and splitting expenses hassle-free with Onward:

- Easily Track Expenses
With the Onward App, you and your co-parent can easily track all expenses related to your children right from your phone anytime, anywhere. You both can add expenses, assign them to a category (like education, clothing, or activities), and even include a receipt or photo. The app helps you streamline your shared parenting and finances in order to make these decisions easier for both of you.

- Settle up in Seconds
Onward enables you to split each expense with your co-parent without having to rely on unnecessary and emotionally-charged text conversations. You can propose how you would like to split a particular expense, share the details with your co-parent, and settle up with your favorite apps like Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, or Cashapp.

- Visualize Your Financial Plan
Onward tracks your expenses and generates automated reports to support you in better understanding your overall spending. You and your co-parent can view the expense report by month, child, and category to understand how much you are spending on your children to better plan and budget for each of your futures.

- Streamline Communication
By providing an easy and hassle-free way to manage your shared finances, Onward helps in streamlining communication. It provides a neutral platform for both parents to manage and split co-parenting expenses, helping you to keep negative emotions out of the conversation and away from your kids.

- Get Paid Faster
Are you tired of reminding your co-parent to pay their share? Or annoyed with the amount of texts asking you to pay them back? Onward has got your back either way! Onward supports you by sending personalized reminder notifications to your co-partner to tactfully nudge them to settle up. Reminders help you get paid faster and with ease, without ever needing to send a text yourself again!

We have carefully designed all of these features with empathy and compassion so that we can help ease tension between you and your co-parent. Knowing first-hand how hard co-parenting can be, we also know that conversations about money management can make things harder and even negatively impact children.

With Onward, we’re here to support you and enable smooth expense tracking between co-parents. So are you ready to take the first step toward making your co-parenting journey easier? Tap the install button and get started. more
Onward: Co-Parenting Expenses 3.1.8 Update
We update Onward often to continuously improve the experience for you. This version contains user experience improvements. more
Additional Information
Category:  Parenting
Publisher:  Onward Co-Parenting
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  16/11/2022
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