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Papalabra Caliente - Palabras
Papalabra Caliente - Palabras

Papalabra Caliente - Palabras apk game v0.2.0 for android

0.2.0 for Android
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GAME details
Papalabra Caliente - Palabras  screenshot image
Papalabra Caliente - Palabras  screenshot image
Papalabra Caliente - Palabras  screenshot image
Papalabra Caliente - Palabras  screenshot image
Papalabra Caliente - Palabras  screenshot image

The description of Papalabra Caliente - Palabras

Frenzied party game of guessing words very funny combined with the classic hot potato game.


The goal in Papalabra Caliente is to get your team to guess the word , you can give it all kinds of clues including verbal and physical ; by guessing you pass your phone to the next person, the papalabra explodes when the time is up making me win the opposing team from whom it exploded.

Play in teams or in free mode!
Hot Papalabra is a great party game, so gather a group of people and start playing in teams or in free mode.
To play in teams it is advisable to play with a number of even people (4, 6, 8, 10 or more!), However nobody prevents you from creating your own rules and playing as you want.
In free mode play as you want without worrying about the number of people, just gather your friends and family, and have a great time.

Play now!
⭐️ The best for parties and inns
⭐️ Play with your friends, with your brothers, with your parents, with your uncles and even with your grandmother
⭐️ Fun for all ages
⭐️ You do not require an Internet connection
⭐️ A long list of words and phrases in Spanish (more languages ​​coming soon) constantly updated
⭐️ Different categories constantly updated
⭐️ Mix the categories and play with the papalabras you want
⭐️ Free and without unexpected announcements
⭐️ Similar to CatchPhrase in Spanish and with more potatoes
⭐️ Invent your own rules and play as you want; for example, you can play when someone explodes the papalabra have to drink a delicious potato juice or some other beverage of their liking;)

Rules (suggested) and how to play:
1. Gather a group of potatoes (or people)
2. Sit in a circle (or oval, or in the shape of a potato!)
3. If they play in two teams, each second person in the circle will be from the same team (one yes, one no, one yes, one no ...)
4. Open your new favorite game: Hot Papalabra, and start playing
5. A papalabra (a potato with a word) will appear and you will have to make your team guess the word by giving verbal (descriptions) or physical clues (act, sing, or even dance), when your team guesses pass the word to the person on your right and click on the button to get a new papalabra
6. When the time is over, the papalabra will explode! Whoever holds the cell phone will give the opposing team a point and will get a new papalabra again.
7. Repeat until you starve them!

Tired of the same games?
Don't wait any longer, download Papalabra Caliente and be the master of the parties.
This game is for all kinds of parties, just ask yourself. Who doesn't like potatoes *?

(* Potatoes not included) 🔥🥔🔥 more

Papalabra Caliente - Palabras 0.2.0 Update

¡El juego de fiestas papa caliente pero ahora con palabras y frases en español!
¡Ahora con más categorías y el modo libre!
¡Se han agregado un montón de papalabras nuevas! more

Additional Information

Category:  Word
Publisher:  MarcoElz
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  13/11/2022
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