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Party Beasts: Gang up or panic
Party Beasts: Gang up or

Party Beasts: Gang up or panic apk game v0.4.40 for android

0.4.40 for Android
Updated on Thu Jan 26 15:16:25 CST 2023
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Additional Information

Package Name:   com.cooperbit.brawlparty
Size:   113.2MB
Publish Date:   Thu Jan 26 15:16:25 CST 2023

The description of Party Beasts: Gang up or panic

Brawl Party is the funniest online multiplayer fighting game available.
The totally accurate physics-simulated battle mechanics will surely keep you entertained. As this is a multiplayer party game it's best to play with friends, so invite them or join the gang, pick your favorite hero and let the brawl begin!
Adorable animals walk like a human but don't underestimate, each one of these beasts is desperate for pummel. Various funny ways are available to eliminate opponents like, knocking them out and throwing them off the cliff, putting them into the grinder, or pushing them into the front of the train.
Careful to not let a stickman throw you out, remember in this physics game even cats fall flat on their face.

Brawl - Party animals are in a 3 vs 3 PVP gang fight where in order to score points a player should use his boxing skills to smash, knockout out, and eliminate the enemies from the battle.

Football: Same as usual football except with 4 rules.
#1) No biting
#2) No choking
#3) No punching
#4) All rules are optional

Kick the king - A crown is spawned at the center of the arena, the target for each team is to capture and hold the crown as long as possible.

Steal the chicken - As the name says the goal is to catch chickens and deliver them to your area. Because no one canceled the stealing, protecting chickens becomes a challenge for online players, so get ready to fight for them.

Racing - Running from start to finish becomes tricky as characters are physics-based ragdolls which result in totally accurate simulations. So try to avoid stumbling upon obstacles and not fall flat on your belly.

Beasts? We have them all, cat, dog, panda, raccoon, jaguar, bunny, chameleon, the wolf you name it, all party animals are present and ready to fight.

Add some fashion to your beasts using funny and unique outfits, choose between hats, masks, beards, clothes, and much more. Make the battles look pretty and impress your real online friends.

As mentioned before it's a free-play multiplayer action. Searching for 1 player games, 2 player games 3 player games? We have them all, play solo if you want or you can pick up a friend and start the online match full of silly guys and funny moments.

Jump from brawling in a gym straight on a pirate ship, go for a duel in a wild west or try a hide and seek in a forest. Be careful not to fall under the train at a railroad station, but don't panic though it's a party game, you'll get revived.

Each character has a special power that requires energy to engage, collect the energy in a fight by kicking, punching, smashing the opponents.

Ready for the ultimate knockout? This is the real game, download on your mobile device. A ton of fun and laughter guaranteed! Oh, and did I mention that you can call your friends to join the online multiplayer party game?

download icon Download (113.2MB)
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